‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Irritates Fans Because of Personality Quirk

by Shelby Scott

The long-running “Jeopardy!” gameshow has collected an incredibly large fanbase during its time airing. Recently, however, fans are having trouble enjoying watching the show as one “Jeopardy!” contestant consistently misstates his answers, replacing “who” questions with “what.” Fans took to social media to vent their annoyance.

This particular contestant, Matt Amodio, is a Yale doctoral student, pursuing a degree in artificial intelligence. Perhaps his education is what lends him his talent on the game show but nevertheless, fans are not happy. While the typical answer to questions featuring people suggests an answer with the word, “who,” the Ph.D. student answers every single question with the word, “what,” regardless.

Despite Amodio’s persistent success on the gameshow, already scoring a spot in the Tournament of Champions tracker according to PopCulture, fans and audience members are resistant to sharing excitement for the “Jeopardy!” contestant. In contrast to Amodio’s game show success, his frustrating quirk is not doing him any favors with “Jeopardy!” fans and audience members. Read on to see some of the viewers’ responses.

“Jeopardy!” Viewers Take to Social Media to Vent Contestant Grievances

Whether or not Amodio is paying attention to the widely stressed aggravation shared by game show viewers, we can’t be sure. Especially since he continues to replace “who” answers with “what.” And despite his scores on the show thus far, he is not earning many fans with his personality quirk. Read on to see what some game show fans and viewers are saying.

One user shared on Twitter, “I’m so annoyed by Matt Amodio’s improper posing of the questions that I can’t even enjoy the show.” An overstatement? Maybe, but regardless other viewers are sharing the same sentiments. PopCulture shared another viewer’s post who wrote, “They should mark his questions as wrong since he’s phrasing them so improperly.” Perhaps it would help, and perhaps lots of other “Jeopardy!” fans would agree.

One other Twitter user funneled their frustration into the creation of this Amodio “What’s…?” mashup and we can’t help but chuckle. The clip ends with the long, low sigh of another “Jeopardy!” contestant capping the humor of the post.

Although game show fans and viewers may not be able to enjoy the show to the fullest extent due to Amodio’s personality quirk, we hope they take solace in the fact that there is an entire fanbase sharing their sentiments. One other Twitter user seemed to summarize game show fans’ aggravation toward the contestant, using the show’s question structure to highlight viewer frustration. “Who’s the most annoying Jeopardy contestant? ‘What’s’ Matt Amodio,” tagging both the contestant and the game show in their post.