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‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant’s Massive Two-Day Winning Streak Comes to an End

by Josh Lanier
(Getty Images)

A Chicago-area librarian is $60,000 richer after two massive wins on Jeopardy! Unfortunately, her luck ran out on Monday’s episode.

Jen Jazwinski told the Daily Herald that her time on Jeopardy! was “so stinking fun.” But it’s hard to have a bad time when you’re raking in the dough like she did.

Though, the third time wasn’t the charm for this youth services librarian. She ended up falling $1,000 behind to Tim Moon, an attorney from New York. Moon also had a good run on the board finding both Daily Doubles to getting them correct.

“I couldn’t lose to a nicer guy than Tim,” she said. “He was just so fast on the buzzer.”

She does have one serious regret about losing. Despite how much fun she had, her family couldn’t come with her to the show. The pandemic kept the studio audience chairs empty. Had she won a third time, she would have qualified for the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions. By the time the tournament is filmed, she could have brought some family and friends to watch her play.

But they and many other locals were with her in spirit.

“The community in Algonquin has just been amazing,” she said. “To have all these people cheering me on, I’ve cried so many times over the last five days because I didn’t expect that.

“It’s just been really lovely.”

Fans React to Stephanopoulos’ ‘Jeopardy!’ Debut

Fans were split on George Stephanopoulos’ Jeopardy! debut Monday night. Some trashed the man and his performance.

According to the entertainment website ENSTARZ, some fans boycotted Jeopardy! simply because they loathe Stephanopoulos so much. It mostly seemed to stem from his political leanings. He’s a liberal Democrat.

“Well this is two weeks this loyal Jeopardy viewer won’t be watching,” one user tweeted. Another called Stephanopoulos’ performance “hot garbage.” One viewer said they’re “not a fan” because he’s “so very smug.”

Though others loved his performance. Some were even ready to crown him as the show’s next host.

For example, one Twitter user said, “LOVE IT! The search is over, the new permanent ‘Jeopardy!’ host should be George Stephanopoulos!”

The Rhodes Scholar began his first show Monday by paying tribute to Alex Trebek.

“What a thrill for me to be here on this stage,” he said, standing on the Jeopardy! set. “You know, I was lucky to meet Alex many times when he was a guest on Good Morning America. He always made us smile, and he inspired us with his grace in the face of cancer. It’s a privilege for me to honor his legacy.”

Stephanopoulos will host for the remainder of the week before handing Jeopardy over to his Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts.