‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Matt Amodio Reaches 10-Day Winning Streak With Massive Winnings Total

by Thad Mitchell

The hot streak continues for reigning “Jeopardy!” champion Matt Amodio as he continues to climb the hit game show’s record books.

Though he was given a run for his money on Tuesday’s episode, Amodio pulled through to remain the “Jeopardy!” champion. His winning streak currently sits at 10 straight matches and he has amassed a hugely impressive win total. With new guest host, journalist David Faber, now feeding him clues, game show fans are beginning to wonder how far the young champ can take it. Not only has Amodio won 10 straight episodes, but he’s also been largely dominant in his wins. His staggering amount of money won so far puts him in the “Jeopardy!” top 10 for most money won on the show. That exclusive list includes the likes of Ken Jennings, Buzzy Cohen, Brad Rutter and Jame Holzhauer. Now, he still has a ways to go before catching up to Jennings but Amodio has the fans believing in him.

After Tuesday’s episode, “Jeopardy!” took to social media to salute their reigning champion. The social media post also reveals Amodio’s massive win total through his 10-game hot streak.

“That big payday makes an impressive 10-day total of $362,400 for Matt Amodio!” the “Jeopardy!” Instagram post proclaims.

The total currently has him as at number eight on the game’s all-time earners rankings.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fan Praise Matt Amodio

Several “Jeopardy!” fans used the comments section of the post to congratulate Matt on his success. Many compliment his gameplay style, which he says he models after the all-time game show great Ken Jennings. it is safe to say that “Jeopardy!” fans love a good hot streak and want to see it continue. They certainly seem to be generating genuine satisfaction out of watching him play.

“Love his personality and genuine smiles!” a fan says of the champion. “Hope he keeps winning.”

“I’m enjoying watching him play and it doesn’t bother me how he phrases his questions,” another fan says.

“Love his style of play,” another “Jeopardy!” watcher exclaims. “He isn’t afraid to put it all on the line to secure the win streak. What is gutsy?”

Away from the “Jeopardy!” set, Matt Amodio hails from New Haven, Connecticut, and is currently studying computer science at Yale University. He is actually pursuing his doctorate at the prestigious Ivy League school.

Faber, a host for news network CNBC, is now the third “Jeopardy!” guest host that Amodio has played under. His streak started under then guest host, television personality, Robin Roberts, during her one-week tenure. He then won all five matches hosted by former “Reading Rainbow” star Levar Burton. Should he continue the hot streak into next week, he will see sports broadcaster Joe Buck as host.

Amodio will go for his 11th straight victory this evening (Wednesday).