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‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Matt Amodio Reaches Major Milestone in Career Winnings

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

Jeopardy! contestant Matt Amodio continues to climb up the all-time leaderboards. As of Wednesday evening, he officially passed $500,000 in total winnings.

For those who don’t know, Matt Amodio is the man right now when it comes to Jeopardy!. He seems to continue extending his winning streak with each passing day. And he did that once again on Wednesday. Amodio passed the half-a-million-dollar mark in total earnings from the show. In doing so, he moved up a couple more sports on Jeopardy’s all-time list for most winnings in regular-season play. He is now in fourth, just behind Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer, and Jason Zuffranieri, respectively.

The official Jeopardy! Twitter account posted another update after Wednesday night’s episode.

“Matt Amodio just passed $500K in winnings!”

Jeopardy! fans meanwhile have been somewhat split on how they feel about Amodio. Some call him arrogant, while others respect his game. However, on Wednesday, fans were giving credit where credit is due.

“Dude is smart as s—t. And a very strategic player,” one fan commented in reply to Jeopardy!’s post.

“Congratulations, Matt. Keep winning, you are fun to watch!” another person said.

And finally, one follower posed a question that many of us have been wondering.

“Could he beat @KenJennings impressive 74-day total, $2,252,700 in less time???? Stay tuned!!”

Now, that is certainly an ambitious goal, but if anyone can do it, it might be Matt Amodio.

Matt Amodio Says He Models His Game After ‘Jeopardy!’ Legends Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer

Matt Amodio can officially say that he is a half-millionaire thanks to his crazy Jeopardy! streak. It wasn’t all that long ago we had never heard of Amodio. And now all of the sudden his name is right next to the greatest Jeopardy! players ever. So how exactly did Amodio become one of the game show’s all-time most-winningest players? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. He models his game after some of the very best.

“I think my strategy going in was to watch Ken [Jennings] and try to do whatever Ken does,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “He’s done TED talks, he does podcasts, and he drops a little bit of knowledge here and there.”

Not a bad plan of attack, right? After all, Jennings is all-time when it comes to the most career winnings on the show. But Amodio also takes notes from another Jeopardy! legend — and that would be James Holzhauer.

“And then also, James [Holzhauer] brought in a lot of probability-based analysis in terms of which clue selection to do,” he continued. “I just remembered how they did it, and I’m hoping that I’m imitating it as best as I can.”

Amodio has quickly put his name amongst the best to ever do it on Jeopardy! But we’ll have to wait and see just what kind of longevity he will have.