‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Proposes in Amazing Fashion after Wednesday’s Tournament of Champions Game

by Keeli Parkey

Having the opportunity to compete on “Jeopardy!” has to be an exciting and memorable experience for those who are lucky enough to have the chance.

Winning has to be the goal for pretty much all of the show’s contestants. However, not all of them can be winners. So, some of them find other ways to make their time on the show memorable. And on a recent episode, one competitor also made his appearance memorable for someone who is very, very important to him.

That competitor is Kevin Walsh. His recent appearance on the popular quiz show was not the first time he appeared on “Jeopardy!” Walsh appeared recently as part of the show’s latest “Tournament of Champions.”

Unfortunately for Walsh, his time competing in the special event did not go as well as he surely had hoped.

Even though he was not the winner of his “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions episode, Kevin Walsh went out with a bang – and a proposal. The popular quiz show posted this contestant’s unique exit from the show via its official Twitter account on Wednesday (May 26, 2021).

‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Makes Marriage Proposal in Special Video

The short clip begins with Kevin Walsh and a woman appearing on screen. Viewers later find out that she is his girlfriend – and spoiler alert: future bride to be.

The video starts with Walsh telling his special lady that the powers that be behind “Jeopardy!” made a video for them. He said the video consisted of behind-the-scenes footage. He wasn’t lying, but that “footage” came as a surprise. The clip starts with Walsh on the “Jeopardy!” set.

“Well, it didn’t work out in the tournament, but I think there is still one way I could end up the big winner today,” Walsh said in the clip he showed to Kate Wiswell.

He then goes on to ask Kate to marry him. Now, that’s a way to propose!

As part of his proposal, Walsh tells Wiswell that she is “the most extraordinary woman” in his life. But, he doesn’t stop there.

“You dazzle me every day with your wit and your warmth and your humor,” Walsh said. “And, so with the kind indulgence of everybody here at ‘Jeopardy!‘ and from this stage where I would not be standing without your love and support, I have one final question to wrap up my ‘Jeopardy!” career. Kate, will you marry me?”

Kate was clearly surprised by the proposal. She even referred to Walsh as “sneaky.” But, she went on to say she would marry him.

You can watch “Jeopardy!” competitor Kevin Walsh make his proposal below. Congratulations!

Kevin Walsh shared his thanks to the folks at “Jeopardy!” via Twitter on Wednesday. Unsurprisingly, he was grateful that they helped him pull off the unique proposal. And, he was happy to learn that they could keep a secret.

“A thousand thank yous to EVERYONE at @Jeopardy and to the entire TOC field. (MAN, can you all keep a secret.) Thanks most of all to @FFrontalNerd, the smartest, kindest, most amazing trivia trainer anyone could hope for. Love you always, Boo!” Kevin Walsh tweeted.