‘Jeopardy!’: Contestant Provides Hilariously Wrong Answer to ‘Hot Stuff’ Clue

by Will Shepard

Many people argue that Jeopardy! is the hardest game show on television. Even Pat Sajak, the host of Wheel of Fortune, feels like that is a true statement.

Nonetheless, the clues that contestants are presented with on the show vary in difficulty. Some clues are far easier than others. Of course, the spectrum has everything to do with your base of knowledge. So, like many things in life, each question’s difficulty is up for interpretation.

That being said, though, there are some mistakes that Jeopardy! contestants make that are instant comedy gold. The people who make those mistakes undoubtedly end up regretting their answer. But, for the audience, it makes for a wonderfully hilarious spectacle to watch.

Recently, a contestant gave a response to a category called “Hot Stuff.” The clue that was provided read, “Steffano Ferrera is a famous maker of these, which can reach a temperature of 800 degrees inside.”

The contestant gave a hilariously wrong response, “What is a calzone?” Talk about an all time oops moment on television.

While fans of Jeopardy! may never know why this person said what they did, it was funny regardless. The guest host was shocked at the response and took a moment to say that the correct answer was an oven.

Alex Trebek Once Explained That When “Jeopardy!” Came Back in 1984, It Attracted Smarter Contestants

When Jeopardy! returned to television in 1984 after ten years off-air, something was different. Alex Trebek, the legendary host of the game show, noticed that the show was attracting bright contestants.

During a 1994 interview with “Pepper & Friends” on KOMU, Trebek talked about the new trend. He noticed that when the show came back, smarter people seemed more inclined to join the show than before.

The legendary host is never one to mince words and explained that it certainly helped the show. He said that smarter people joining the show is likely why it became so popular.

“In recent years, another very important reason, I suspect, is the amount of money that can be won,” the Jeopardy! host said. “In our first year on the air, 1984, the average winnings per show were about $7,000. Then, the following year, it went up a little bit, 8,000, as people got more used to us and understood the format… they said, ‘Hey, maybe I should try out!’ So we started attracting brighter people all the time.”

But, Trebek continued to explain the trend and said, “Even though the material is every bit as difficult, and some people think our material now is more difficult than it was ten years ago, our winners are averaging about $10-12,000 per victory. So that’s not bad.”