‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Racks Up Impressive Winnings After 2-Night Streak

by Chris Haney

Since Friday’s episode, a Boise, Idaho native has taken over as Jeopardy!‘s champion as he looks to earn his third straight win tonight.

Joshua Saak has now won both Friday and Monday’s episodes, and he’s returning tonight to go for three in a row. He was the only contestant to correctly answer the Final Jeopardy! clue on Monday. Additionally, his victory last night increased his total earnings on the game show to $46,800.

In fact, for 10 years now Saak has attempted to get on the game show. He often plays along at home and has learned a lot about the game that way. He opened up about his years of Jeopardy! practice at home, and shared details about his experience on the show so far.

“When you watch the show a lot, you pick up on certain things, the things that they ask you,” Saak said to CBS2 in Boise. “You can’t know everything and you really can’t prepare that much in advance because you don’t know exactly when you’re gonna get called.”

The game show has used numerous celebrity guest hosts since legendary host Alex Trebek passed away in November 2020. On Friday, Saak began the trivia competition with Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopoulos as host. This week, Stephanopoulos’ GMA co-worker Robin Roberts has taken over the podium. The contestant from Idaho said the show has been very respectful to Trebek’s legacy during his time on the show.

“All the hosts were very respectful of Alex and the job that he did for 30 some odd years,” Saak said. “It was a very respectful tone.”

Saak is looking to build on his win streak later tonight as he goes for his third straight victory. But two new contestants will join the game show looking to start a new win streak of their own.

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Robin Roberts Pays Tribute to Alex Trebek in First Episode

As previously mentioned, GMA anchor Robin Roberts took over hosting duties on Monday night. Her one-week stint on Jeopardy! began yesterday and runs through Friday. As her first episode began, Roberts addressed fans at home and in the studio.

The newest guest host got excited after longtime announcer Johnny Gilbert introduced her. She also touched on her close relationship with Alex Trebek and honored the late host before the game show began play.

“Johnny Gilbert just said my name. What a thrill, you have no idea (what it feels like) to hear him say my name,” Roberts said. “Of course, I’m honored to be here, guest hosting Jeopardy! and paying tribute to the great Alex Trebek who I was blessed to get to know him well over the years. And I have to say his spirit is very much here, very present.”

“I’m also looking forward to raising a lot of money for charity. Let’s do it,” she added. “All right, let’s get into the game, because as Alex said, it’s all about you, it’s all about the contestants … I wish you well. Let’s see the categories.”