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‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Reveals Pressures of Final Jeopardy

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

“Jeopardy!” viewers usually cozy up each night in the comfort of their own home to watch that night’s episode of the popular trivia show. Likely, viewers are kicking back, feet propped up, relaxing on the couch.

That can really make it hard to empathize or truly understand what it’s like to actually stand on the “Jeopardy!” stage. The lights are hot, you know you’re being filmed, and you know millions will eventually watch this moment. Not to mention, you’re standing across from a person hosting you my even idolize.

Stephen Privat, a political science major from Lafayette, Louisiana, competed on “Jeopardy! National College Championship.” The competition featured college students from 36 different colleges and universities trying to win $250,000. The first episode of this tournament won’t air until February 8, but Privat dished on just how amazing and terrifying it all was.

Specifically, he said that Final Jeopardy is the most intimidating part of it all.

“I’m not allowed to talk about specific questions, but Final Jeopardy is always tough since there is so much pressure. Plus the ‘Jeopardy!’ theme song can be pretty distracting when trying to think of the answer,” he said during an interview with KATC News.

It might have been nerve-wracking, but even getting to step foot on that stage is truly an unforgettable experience. You can only be in the show once, so you really have to make that appearance count.

“It was an amazing experience. I loved being able to hang out in L.A., meet 35 other incredibly smart college students and compete against each other on national television. We all really bonded over this shared experience and have created some amazing friendships. Sadly, I can’t give out any spoilers as to how I did, so I guess you’ll just have to watch to find out!” Privat also said.

More Information on Upcoming ‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament

The upcoming “Jeopardy! National College Championship” will start on February 8 on ABC Primetime. The tournament will be hosted by Mayim Bialik.

This new “Jeopardy!” competition will bring in 36 different college undergrads. The first-place winner will get $250,000, the second-place winner will get $100,000, and the third-place winner gets $50,000. The competition can also be streamed on Hulu as well.

This tournament is going to stretch out for a big portion of the month of February. There will be 12 winners that advance to the semifinals on February 17. Of the four winners from the semifinals, the three with the highest semifinal game total will advance to the finals.

The finals will take place on February 22. You can see a full list of the competitors, which school they’re from, and what they are majoring in on the official “Jeopardy!” site.