‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Steals the Show with ‘Quirky’ Facial Expressions and Fresh Personality

by Josh Lanier

A Jeopardy! contestant became an overnight sensation with her quirky attitude and funny facial expressions while playing the game show.

Julia Markham Cameron, an attorney from Brooklyn, N.Y., squinted, squirmed, giggled, scowled, and cheered herself on during Thursday night’s show. She even teased guest host Mayim Bialik when the answer to one of the clues was the Big Bang. Bialik starred in the long-running sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

And her effervescent and lively personality immediately caught the attention of the internet. Twitter erupted with comments on Cameron’s performance as it seemed half of Jeopardy!’s audience was live-tweeting the episode.

Fox News collected some of them.

“Julia from jeopardy i know this is sudden but im in love with u,” reads one tweet.

“Julia was super. Hope she wins for a while,” another said.

“Julia made my day!” one person posted.

Some people started the hashtag #JeopardyJulia while others thought about which Saturday Night Live actress would do the best impression of her. The leader seems to be Melissa Villasenor.

More than one person made the connection between Cameron and Buzzy Cohen. Cohen, the former champion who hosted this year’s Tournament of Champions, was beloved and decried for his over-the-top antics on the show. Even as a host, he brought flair and a style to the game that Jeopardy! rarely gets in its contestants. But Cameron kept things lively.

And it was more than just her facial expressions. She also played well. Cameron ended up taking home more than $16,000 and the win Thursday night. Cameron will return to defend her win on tonight’s episode of Jeopardy!

Bialik Using ‘Jeopardy!’ Stint to Aid Mental Health

Jeopardy! is allowing its guest hosts to help raise awareness and cash of whatever cause they would like. Mayim Bialik is using her two weeks behind the lectern to benefit National Alliance on Mental Illness. The national group helps those with mental illnesses and their families manage their disease.

“As you know, for all of us guest hosts Jeopardy! is matching the total winnings and making charitable contributions to our selected causes,” the Call me Kat star said. “My family has a history with mental illness, as do one in five Americans. So for the next two weeks, we’ll be raising money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the nation’s largest grassroots organization on mental illness. Let’s raise a lot of money for you and them.”

Aside from the money raised so far during Bialik’s turn, which hasn’t been released, Jeopardy! has donated more than $1.5 million to different charities. Dr. Memet Oz has raised the most for his charity of choice, HealthCorps. His $268,000 just tops 60 Minutes correspondent Bill Whitaker’s $257,000.

Jeopardy! producers made a surprise $250,000 to the Hope of the Valley Trebek Center. The charity helps homeless people get back on their feet. Former host Alex Trebek was a big supporter of the organization.