‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Trolls Guest Host Ken Jennings During Final Jeopardy

by Emily Morgan

During Tuesday’s Jeopardy! episodea contestant took a shot at guest host, Ken Jennings, leaving Jennings— and viewers speechless.

Jennings, who’s into his second week as guest host following Alex Trebek’s passing, had received high praise from viewers in the early part of the episode. Jennings is the first of many guest hosts to host the beloved game show until the network names a permanent host. 

On Tuesday, the defending champion, Donesh, went into the final question with the lowest score. The leader of the episode had more than doubled his score with $17,000. 

Lisa, the third contestant, had accrued $6,600, meaning the Final Jeopardy round would undoubtedly be going to Brian. 

As Jennings read off the final question, “Adjusted for inflation, the nightly rate this company put in its name in 1962 is now $51.” Donesh, who knew he had no chance at winning, decided to take a shot at Jennings that was over 16 years in the making. 

Writing down, “H&R Block,” Ken Jennings had to pick his jaw off of the floor when he realized the answer referenced his record 74-game winning streak.

Donesh wrote down the same answer that ended Jennings’ record streak in Dec. 2014.  

Ken Jenning’s Incorrect Answer That Ended His Winning Streak

During his run, Ken Jennings had collected $2.5 million, but it came crashing down after guessing Federal Express when the correct answer was H&R Block.

He lost to Nancy Zerg, who defeated him with a score of $14,001 to $8,799. Despite losing, Jennings received sponsorship deals from both H&R Block and FedEx.

This time, on the other side of the podium, Jennings has taped 30 episodes for Jeopardy! as the first guest host. Following Jennings, the show will hand over the title to Katie Couric and Aaron Rodgers, as a few individuals will get the chance to take over the reins as guest host.

As of now, the show has yet to determine who they would want to name as Jeopardy!’s permanent host, though many fans speculate that Jennings is most likely to be decided as the full-time host.