‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Who Won Massive Amount Speaks Out on ‘Lifetime of Preparations’

by Madison Miller

‘Jeopardy!” still doesn’t have its next Ken Jennings on the show just yet.

In 2004, the famous “Jeopardy!” champion had won 74 consecutive episodes of the trivia show. Eventually, a question about H&R Block knocked him out after earning over $2 million from his winning streak.

A woman named Jamie Logan from Augusta, Maine is a two-time champion on the show. She earned a total of $50,200 after only two appearances in the trivia competition. Sadly, she ended her streak after losing last night while going for a third win. That doesn’t diminish the fact that she earned a decent award after only competing for two days.

In fact, Logan still managed to win on her second night despite slipping up on the Final Jeopardy clue about national anthems. She predicted she may not answer correctly and only put $400 on the line. At the end of Thursday’s episode (May 6), she had $18,000 added to her first night’s total of $32,200.

Logan has shown her trivia skills while on the “Jeopardy!” stage. What kind of work goes into being able to do so well on the show?

“A lifetime of preparations, going to pub trivia, even before I could drink. Falling asleep as a kid reading trivia pursuit cards to myself, my husband and I are in an online trivia league and of course watching ‘Jeopardy!’ every night,” Logan said to WMTW ABC 8.

Logan has a lifelong love for all things trivia. Surely, using trivia cards as a nighttime story will lead to some kind of future “Jeopardy!” success. Logan played while Bill Whitaker currently serves as the guest host of the show.

Key to ‘Jeopardy!’ Success

Another memorable “Jeopardy!” contestant, Brad Rutter, has tried to share how to be successful at the trivia show with others. Rutter has won over $4 million during his time on the show.

Since his time on the show, Rutter has been living in Los Angeles trying to make it as an actor. He also shared with Esquire some of the best tips he could think of for being a successful contestant. For instance, a huge part of the success has to do with the speed at which you can tap the buzzer.

“There’s actually a production assistant who literally presses a button backstage to activate the buzzer system, so that guy will usually wait like half a second after Alex is done to open the system up, and you can kind of get into a rhythm with him too,” Rutter said.

Rutter also shared he doesn’t have additional stress on him to win. He cites not having a wife or kid or others relying on him as a factor in staying calm. He also shared his theory that returning champions tend to lose on Thursdays. What’s the reason for this claim? “Jeopardy!” episodes are filmed in bulk in just a couple of days for the whole month.

Rutter said that the Thursday episodes are filmed right after the lunch break in the studio while the show is doing its single-day shooting schedule. Something about that food break must put contestants into a bit of a food coma.

Rutter also said he studied some things prior to his appearance. However, he said not much of that stuff even helped him out during the show. He claims it’s mostly a psychological battle.