‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant’s 3-Day Win Streak Leads to Major Winnings

by Thad Mitchell

A current Jeopardy! contestant is heating up and will try to extend her winning streak to four straight episodes tonight (Tuesday).

Emily Sands, of Chanhassen, Minnesota is currently riding a three-game winning streak heading into Tuesday’s match. Through three days of competition, the reigning Jeopardy! champion has amassed winnings of $73,000. She will take the champion’s podium once again this evening, hoping to add to her already impressive total winnings. Jeopardy! officials took to social media on Monday to celebrate their current champion and boast of her winning hot streak.

“Emily completes her third win,” the Instagram post’s caption reads. “Impressive”

Emily’s accomplishments are indeed impressive as she looks to continue adding wins to her Jeopardy! resume. Fans of the show have taken notice of Emily’s style of play as well. Several of the social media post’s comments suggest that watchers enjoy Emily’s aggressive style as a Jeopardy! player.

“I love how she likes to bet big,” one commenter says in reply. “No fear.”

Other Jeopardy! watchers note that Emily has been a pleasure to watch and hope she continues forward on the show. One commenter describes her appearance on the show as “joyful.”

“I love how happy and joyful she is,” a fan says. “It is a pleasure to watch her do so well.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Gets New Celebrity Host in Bill Whitaker

Sands is the very first Jeopardy! champion of the Bill Whitaker era. The 60 Minutes correspondent stood behind the host’s podium for the very time during Monday’s brand new episode. Whitaker will continue as the host for the next two weeks with next Friday concluding his tenure. A journalist by trade, he is the seventh celebrity to take on Jeopardy! hosting responsibilities since the passing of Alex Trebek.

Once Whitaker wraps up his stint as Jeopardy! host, the game show will enter its annual Tournament of Champions. Former tournament winner Buzzy Cohen has been chosen to stand behind the lectern for the entirety of the upcoming tournament. Once the tournament concludes, it will be back to business as usual for Jeopardy!

Actress Mayim Bialik, most known for her on the hit sitcom “Big Bang Theory,” will then take the Jeopardy! hosting reigns. Journalist Savannah Guthrie is next in line for the opportunity once Bialik finishes her term. Show officials recently released a brand new list of upcoming hosts, though dates have not yet been determined.