‘Jeopardy!’: Contestants Crush ‘Secrets of the Whales’ Category in ‘Earth Day’ Episode

by Thad Mitchell

As it does for many national and international days of significance, Jeopardy! had a special category on Thursday’s episode. With Thursday being “Earth Day,” Jeopardy! celebrated the occasion with a “Secrets of the Whales” category to choose from.

The competitive category coincides with a new show that will be premiering on Disney+ this week. The “Secrets of the Whales” series is a collaboration between Disney+ and National Geographic. While none of the three contestants claim to be “whale experts” they each did quite well in the category. The competitors raced through the whale clues with each of the three getting at least one answer correct. As you will see from the following clip, whales, and their secrets, are quite fascinating.

“Uncover SECRETS OF THE WHALES in today’s category!” the Thursday Twitter post says.

In the special Earth Day category, Jeopardy! watchers were able to learn several interesting facts about the largest mammals on earth. One particular clue says whales travel a great distance to enjoy a “spa day,” using sunken rocks to remove dead skin.

Another clue states that orcas feast on stingrays by flipping them over and putting them to sleep. A video clue in the category shows a younger whale playing “hide and seek” with an underwater photographer.

While Jeopardy! is a competition at heart, it also prides itself on providing knowledge and information to its viewers. The Secrets of the Whales category is a perfect example of the show’s attempt at intellectual competition and education.

Jeopardy! Forges Forward With Slew of Celebrities

Jeopardy! also prides itself on running a tight ship and that theme continues with hosting duties now belonging to journalist Anderson Cooper. The longtime news anchor will be halfway through his two-week hosting stint after Friday’s episode. He will continue in the role through next week with his final appearance coming next Friday. Once his time is up, he will hand off hosting responsibilities to fellow journalist Bill Whitaker, who will begin his tenure the following Monday.

Following Whitaker’s two-week run, Jeopardy! will enter its annual “Tournament of Champions” series. Former contestant and tournament champion Buzzy Cohen will take the guest hosting reigns for the entirety of the tournament. Cohen was given the nickname “Mr. Personality” by former Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek.

Once the tournament concludes, it will resume a normal schedule with actress Mayim Bialik at the helm.