‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant’s Whiff on Question Has Fans Saying Sports Categories and the Game Show ‘Do Not Mix’

by Will Shepard

There always seems to be one category that can consistently stump Jeopardy! contestants. The category is far older than the game show itself. Even though Alex Trebek once talked about how smart the contestants on the show are, they still seem to struggle in one area.

Sports somehow seem to trip contestants up on the iconic game show. However, it makes for some incredible highlights of the show. Aaron Rodgers saw this firsthand when he was doing his guest-hosting stint. All three contestants missed a question about his Green Bay Packers, but it was all in good fun.

Nonetheless, at the beginning of March, Mike Richards was the show’s guest host. The category he was asking about centered on Major League Baseball. The Jeopardy! contestants struggled royally.

However, in mid-April, one contestant decided to buck the trend. The category was “Title Waves.” The answer is given and read, “Reggie, Catfish, and this Bay Area team ran off 3 straight World Series titles from 1972 to 1974.” Immediately that narrows the option down to two MLB teams if you know your geography – the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics.

After the first contestant guessed the Giants, the next contestant got an easy answer. The Oakland Athletics took to Twitter to compliment the correct guess.

What makes this a little more painful is that, according to Athletics Nation, the first contestant is from Northridge. That is a city in Los Angeles. The second Jeopardy! contestant was reportedly also from Southern California – Cathedral City. In all fairness to the first contestant, he looked a little too young to have witnessed early 1970s baseball.

Unfortunately for the contestant, Eric, this was a $1,000 question. So, with his wrong answer, it was a $2,000 swing. However, he did end up winning the episode, so that might make up for the blunder.

Nonetheless, it is in keeping with the tradition that the game show contestants miss a lot of sports-related trivia. The show does seem to do an excellent job of mixing in a wide range of trivia categories. So, there are often times when contestants can avoid the sports category.

That being said, if you are thinking about becoming a contestant on Jeopardy!, it might not be a bad idea to brush up on your sports knowledge. It might help give you a small edge up on the other contestants and net you a couple of extra dollars in the game show.

Although, it is always fun to watch contestants get obvious sports trivia incorrect. But, if you know the answer, it can be painful to watch the struggle take place. Some fans don’t understand why the two things mix so poorly.