‘Jeopardy!’: Controversial Contestant Matt Amodio Extends Win Streak and Moves Up To 8th All-Time

by Quentin Blount

The current Jeopardy! champion is Matt Amodio. And he doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon — he extended his winning streak once again on Monday evening. In doing so, he was able to move up a spot and become the eighth-most winningest Jeopardy! player of all time.

The official Jeopardy! Twitter account posted an infographic on Monday evening showcasing just that.

“Matt Amodio’s winning streak is still going strong! He now ranks #8 for highest winnings in regular-season play!”

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Says That He Models His Game after Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer

Matt Amodio has now racked up more than $300,000 in winnings on the popular game show. But how exactly has he done so? How has Amodio climbed up the all-time Jeopardy! list so quickly? Well, he explained that exactly what his strategy is when prepping to compete on the show. And let us be the first to say, it isn’t rocket science.

“I think my strategy going in was to watch Ken [Jennings] and try to do whatever Ken does,” Amodio told Entertainment Weekly. “He’s done TED talks, he does podcasts, and he drops a little bit of knowledge here and there.”

A pretty genius plan right there. After all, Ken Jennings is the second-most winningest Jeopardy! player ever, and perhaps the most popular one. Amodio also models his Jeopardy! strategies after another one of the show’s most successful players — James Holzhauer.

“And then also, James [Holzhauer] brought in a lot of probability-based analysis in terms of which clue selection to do,” Amodio continued. “I just remembered how they did it, and I’m hoping that I’m imitating it as best as I can.”

And on that note, so far so good for Amodio on that strategy. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, and the 30-year-old Yale Ph.D. student is living by that motto. If he continues to do so, there’s no telling just how high he can climb into the Jeopardy! history books. We’ll have to wait and see.

Matt Amodio is Staying Hungry Despite His Historic Success

When people reach the top, whether it’s star athletes, musicians, or in this case, a popular game show contestant, sometimes they can become complacent. But that isn’t the mindset to have when there is always somebody chomping at the bit to take their spot. And Matt Amodio knows that he can’t be complacent when it comes to his Jeopardy! winning streak.

“I go in on the first day and I say, ‘I hope it goes well. But if I win a single game, I’m going to be as delighted as can be.’ And I won, but my attitude is to tend to be hungry,” the Jeopardy! star told EW. “And so once I won one, I wasn’t sitting on my laurels or anything. I said, ‘You know, that was good. Let’s do it again.'”