‘Jeopardy!’ Current Champ Matt Amodio Has Hilarious Reaction to Getting Verified on Social Media

by Madison Miller

The path to get the current “Jeopardy!” champion Matt Amodio verified has been a long and hilarious journey.

As of August 18, Matt Amodio became the third-highest “Jeopardy!” winner of all-time after his 18th consecutive win on the show. He has racked up a total of $574,801 since his first time appearing on the stage.

The champion is now behind James Holzhauer and Ken Jennings for consecutive games won. In addition to winning over $500,000 and writing himself into “Jeopardy!” history, Amodio is now a social media influencer.

Matt Amodio is Verified on Twitter

The game show contestant recently was rewarded the blue checkmark next to his name on Twitter to symbolize that he’s now a verified user.

“I’m not sure I’ve learned the right lesson from this whole sequence of events, but thanks!” Amodio tweeted.

Several fans commented on Amodio’s new status as a verified Twitter account. One person wrote, “Hmmm….it took @KenJennings 5988 days after his last regular game win to get the check. It took you about 10 days. New GOAT?”

“Jeopardy!” legends like Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer are both verified on social media as well.

Amodio has commented on the process of getting verified in the past. He wrote a couple of days ago, “Does anybody know how to make Twitter’s ‘blue check’ process go slower? I’m worried mine will be done before #Jeopardy Season 3,141,592 airs, and there’s just no point rushing these things.”

Twitter has a whole set of rules and regulations when it comes to the verifying process. At the core of it all, a person must be “authentic, notable, and active.” After that, there are guidelines for companies, news organizations and journalists, entertainment, activists, sports players and announcers, and other specific categories.

Matt Amodio is going to continue his streak into the upcoming 38th season of the show. As of now, there’s a lot of confusion regarding exactly what is happening in the future of “Jeopardy!” after Mike Richards stepped down from his role as host after past problematic comments came to light. Now, the search for a host is starting all over again into the new season.

The Unknowns of ‘Jeopardy!’ Season 38

It seems like having different hosts hasn’t impacted the “Jeopardy!” champion too much. Amodio has played with four different guest hosts during his 18-day streak. Richards filmed one day before dropping out, which would make his official number five, but we haven’t gotten the chance to see that episode yet.

Amodio has played alongside Robin Roberts, LeVar Burton, David Faber, and Joe Buck.

Ken Jennings may be the new host as he is supposedly the preferred choice this time around, according to CNN. He was a finalist the first time around and is being called the “hands-down favorite” for the job. He also has been active with the press this month in addressing what is going on in the “Jeopardy!” world. He said to The New York Times, “I hate that something pure like that has to be sullied by backstage drama.”

Jennings is also experienced in the behind-the-scenes of the show, given the fact that he is a consulting producer. LeVar Burton is also a fan-favorite and Mayim Bialik was given the prime-time gig, meaning she could get the full-time job now instead.