‘Jeopardy!’ Current Champ Matt Amodio Racked Up Massive Winnings With Wildly Risky Wager

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

If you’ve been watching “Jeopardy!” the last few months, then Matt Amodio’s face is likely burned into your brain.

The notorious “Jeopardy!” champion continued his impressive streak with his 34th consecutive win yesterday. His total earnings on the show as of now are $1,350,801. He has since also passed up James Holzhauer in the number of consecutive games won. He holds the No. 2 spot and is only 42 wins away from also passing up Ken Jennings.

Impressive Wager on ‘Jeopardy!’

His Monday night game was perhaps one of his most impressive to date. He was able to earn a total of $83,000 in a single night, which is his highest single-game total so far.

He went into the Final Jeopardy question with $46,000, which was far ahead of the other two contestants. He took this as a good opportunity to bet big, seeing as there was no way they could pass him up.

He bet $37,000 for the “Renaissance Men” question. The clue was, “10 years before a more famous work, he wrote in 1503 that the way to deal with rebels is to placate them or eliminate them.”

It is a massive wager for Matt Amodio. He is not quite as known for wagering high amounts, at least compared to other competitors like James Holzhauer. Amodio reflected on this massive move on Twitter by writing, “A #Jeopardy wager that would hopefully make Machiavelli proud!”

One fan commented on his post saying, “My Dad and I play this new game called, ‘How much will Matt wager in Final Jeopardy?’ He guessed $15,000 and I guessed $30,000 tonight. You managed to catch us off guard somehow.” To which Amodio playfully responded, “I’m an enigma!”

He may not always wager huge amounts, but his gameplay has certainly played off so far. He’s one of only a few contestants to ever earn over a million on the show.

Matt Amodio and James Holzhauer Social Media

James Holzhauer held his record for a few years before Matt Amodio came along. So, how did he respond to getting that title ripped away from him?

“I’ve been betting sports since 2005 and this is the first time I’ve seen anyone hit a 33 game parlay. Congrats @AmodioMatt! Still haven’t seen anyone hit one for more than $2.46MM though. Stay hungry!” he wrote on his Twitter account.

The two have had some playful banter back and forth during Amodio’s continued success. In the past, he poked fun at Amodio for making about half of what he did at this point in his “Jeopardy!” streak. It all seems to be in good fun, however.

“I am so proud that a cursory glance of the #Jeopardy record books can now yield a wrong conclusion about which one of us is the better player,” Matt Amodio replied to Holzhauer’s most recent comment. This is referencing his controversial habit of saying “What” at the beginning of each answer he gives, regardless of whether or not it’s grammatically correct.

“Jeopardy!” cracked open the rulebooks and said it was fair game. That means Amodio’s success is very much valid and very much impressive.