‘Jeopardy!’: David Faber Debuts as Guest Host, Here’s What Fans Are Saying

by Jonathan Howard

The search for another Jeopardy! host is still underway. David Faber was the latest host to take over Alex Trebek’s former job. There have been more than a few guest hosts from different walks of life and professional backgrounds. Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers had a turn hosting, former champion Ken Jennings, Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton, and more.

There have been some mixed reactions to many hosts, and David Faber is no different. The finance journalist, who made his career with CNBC, got his start this week and fans have started to react. When Robin Roberts came on to host Jeopardy! there were fans who loved her hosting skills and others who felt there was something lacking. The same can be said for most of the guests so far, but fans have made it clear who they have preferred so far.

For different fans of the show, there are different characteristics they would like to see in a new host. Trebek was calm, cool, collected, witty when needed, and always supportive of the contestants. While there is no one-to-one replacement for the legendary host, some fans are liking what they see from the new guests.

David Faber was able to garner some attention and support. However, not everyone enjoyed their first look with Faber behind the podium. Still, others saw the performance and were reminded why they like another host better. As Jeopardy! searches for another host, fans keep putting in their two cents.

David Faber Gets Positive Support from Fans

While financial journalism isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, the calm demeanor and dare I say, the blandness of Faber’s hosting duties are appealing to many. A trivia show, after all, isn’t really supposed to be all that exciting.

Some fans are giving full-throated endorsements and making it known they want him to stay as the permanent host. Just as long as he can stay at CNBC as well.

Not Everyone Knows Who Faber Is

One thing that was noticeable on social media, not many people know who David Faber is. That is quite a problem if he hopes to take over Jeopardy! full-time. The new host will surely become a household name if they are not already, but Faber isn’t as well-known as others.

While it didn’t necessarily bother everyone, others felt like it was a bigger issue than others. Being able to connect with a host has a lot to do with the appeal of Alex Trebek and fans are looking for that same connection with the new host.

There were other fans who just want a new host to be picked. And they don’t want it to be David Faber. A lot of folks are partial to LeVar Burton for many reasons and that is a pretty constant sentiment.

When a new host is selected, fans will be relieved to not have to wonder if the next guest will do a good job or not. With so many talented hosts to choose from the producers at Jeopardy! are going to have quite the time finding a replacement for the late, great Alex Trebek.