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‘Jeopardy!’ Gives Dennis Quaid the Clue Treatment in Latest Episode: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Ken Jennings is back behind the podium and Jeopardy! decided to give Dennis Quaid an entire clue category.

Champion Amy Schneider and her fellow contestants on the show were treated to a special column of clues today. It’s simple. Jennings gives a description of a role. Then, someone just needs to answer with the name of the movie. It wasn’t always an easy category for the players.

However, as she has done for the last 12 games now, Schneider took a commanding lead in the game. That included knocking out an answer on one of those Quaid Clues. The contestants weren’t able to come up with The Rookie, Midway, The Right Stuff, and The Big Easy. Thankfully, Amy did answer Footloose correctly.

Check out the video below.

Ken Jennings had the perfect response to the 1/5 Quaid answers. “I don’t feel like Dennis is letting us down, I feel like we’re letting him down.”

Meanwhile, Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider kept things going as usual. She wracked up a whole bunch of money once again.

Amy Schneider Continues Winning Ways

While there have been some great champions this season on Jeopardy! Schneider has separated herself from the rest. She hasn’t won more games than Matt Amodio, but she might be on her way to winning more money. She could be a mix between Amodio and Holzhauer.

Amy won over $60,000 in one game this week. The total topped her best all-time. She has managed to break into the top-10 in wins for regular-season play. Also, the champion is now 5th in winnings during regular-season games.

Before we know it, Schneider is going to claim her 13th straight victory and pass half a million in total winnings. During her run, she has not shied away from big bets and Daily Doubles. It is enough to make you think about Holzhauer “pushing” his chips in during his legendary run.

If Schneider decides to participate in the Tournament of Champions she could make a deep run. There have been so many amazing contestants. Between Schneider, Jonathan Fisher, and Amodio, that tournament could be electric.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider on Her Win Streak

Among all of these wins, Schneider has been able to take some time to reflect. While she knew she would do well, she can’t believe the ride she has been on up to this point.

“I believed that I was pretty good,” she said. “And I thought I could win three or four games if things went well. I was like, ‘I could win a few, or run into bad luck on the first game and not win and it would be what it is.’ To win 10 and count – that’s definitely higher than the high end of my internal expectations.”

Jeopardy! fans have a lot to be happy about and so does Schneider.