‘Jeopardy!’: Did a Legendary Winner and Guest Host Foreshadow News About Mike Richards Getting Gig?

by Jonathan Howard

By now, news has gotten out that Mike Richards is set to be the new Jeopardy! host. Did Buzzy Cohen leak a little of that info? According to Cohen, it was just a coincidence. However, over a week ago, Cohen tweeted quite the cryptic tweet. While the former Jeopardy! host denies any hidden message, fans read into the tweet.

Fans were treated to a short stint with Buzzy Cohen as guest host. While Cohen did a solid job as host, the folks at Jeopardy! apparently feel different. Since the news broke about Mike Richards, fans have been looking back on Cohen’s tweet from July 27th as an early leak.

After the tweet, Buzzy Cohen insisted that it had nothing to do with Jeopardy! and the host search. Some fans were not very convinced. Even with the denial, other fans drew their own conclusions. While Cohen was a guest host, he entertained fans with his personality and style. Cohen spoke out about depression and other issues he faced. Jeopardy!, Cohen says, helped to give him purpose.

Buzzy Cohen used his time on the show to help raise money and awareness around mental health. In a year when multiple athletes and others have come out in support of mental health initiatives. Throughout the guest host search, various charities benefitted from the show’s generosity.

Buzzy Cohen Denies Leak

For those that believed Cohen was using the tweet as a small leak to fans, think again. While speaking with his parents, Cohen got to use the “That’s showbiz baby,” saying. It sounds like a response to being told, “You aren’t the host,” however we will take Cohen’s word for what it is worth.

While Buzzy Cohen seemingly isn’t going to be the next host of Jeopardy! the show seems to be in good hands. If Mike Richards is going to be the next host, many fans could be disappointed. With so many great hosts with great resumes in film and television, going with a somewhat unknown executive producer is a move many won’t understand.

However, despite who takes over, the show will continue to be a success. With such a long history and large following, it will take quite the change to make viewers stop watching the show. The new era of Jeopardy! will surely bring a new feel and style to the show. With Mike Richards, the producers know they are getting a host that knows how the show runs.

As David Faber’s hosting duties come to a close, the show is ready to get going with the permanent replacement. Through all of the different hosts and all the contestants, Jeopardy! has remained true to its core. The show will go on, because as Buzzy Cohen said, “That’s showbiz baby!”