‘Jeopardy!’: Dr. Oz Posts First Pic From Guest Hosting Stint, Says It’s an ‘Honor and Privilege’

by Clayton Edwards

Jeopardy! has been trying out new interim hosts every couple of weeks since the passing of Alex Trebek. So far, trivia champ Ken Jennings, executive producer Mike Richards, and journalist Katie Couric have stepped up to the podium. However, there are several more guest hosts planned for the iconic quiz show. This morning, the current interim host, Dr. Oz, posted a photo of himself behind the lectern on his Instagram account.

While no one really knows who the full-time host of Jeopardy! will be, one thing is for sure. Dr. Oz is more than happy to be there for his stint.

In the photo, Dr. Oz wears a sharp suit and a huge smile while standing behind the lectern. He says that he will be hosting Jeopardy! tonight and for the next two weeks. Oz calls the opportunity to host the legendary quiz show an honor and a privilege in the post’s caption. He then urges his followers to tune in.

More about Jeopardy!‘s Latest Guest Host

Many people know that taking over hosting duties for Jeopardy! isn’t Dr. Oz’s first time on a huge TV show. In fact, Dr. Oz made his television debut on one of the biggest talk shows in history. He appeared as a health expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show for five seasons. Then, he got his own show. The Dr. Oz Show debuted in 2009. In that series, Oz brings his unique look at medicine to the masses. Over the years he has presented several alternatives to established medical treatments.

Dr. Oz’s road to the legendary Jeopardy! podium was a long and interesting one. Before becoming a television personality, Dr. Oz was a cardiothoracic surgeon. During his medical career, he helped to develop the MitraClip which was patented in 1997. The medical device is meant to help seal a leak in the mitral valve of the heart in patients who should not have open-heart surgery. According to the official website for the device, over 100,000 people have opted for the treatment so far.

Currently, the Jeopardy! guest host is a professor at Columbia University. He works in the university’s Department of Surgery. Also, Dr. Oz heads up the Cardiovascular Institute as well as the Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

So, it’s safe to say that Dr. Oz brings a solid knowledge base as well as a charismatic personality to his Jeopardy! guest-host stint.