‘Jeopardy!’: Dr. Oz Reveals Which Charity Will Be Donated to During Hosting Run

by Halle Ames

Today marks the first day that Dr. Mehmet Oz serves as host of Jeopardy! On today’s episode, he reveals the charity he is choosing to represent. 

Dr. Oz is the fourth star to serve as guest host for Jeopardy! behind Ken Jennings, Mike Richards, and Katie Couric. 

Each host gets to choose a charity to raise money for. The show pledged to match the amount of money won by the contestants during their run as host.

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Dr. Oz Names Lucky Charity

So which charity is the lucky one that Dr. Oz will represent? He announced today that he would be raising money for HealthCorps. 

Here is what Dr. Oz had to say about this and his friend Alex Trebek on today’s episode. 

“Welcome to Jeopardy! It’s such an honor to be a guest host,” says Dr. Oz. “I was fortunate to become friends with Alex and visit him and this show as often as I could. One of my favorite memories was of Alex showing me, with immense pride, a room full of letters of support and love for him from you, from his fans. And of all of his achievements, he was most proud of his connection with all of you at home. I miss you Alex and I treasure your desire to always pay it forward. And in that spirit, Jeopardy! is actually doing that same, because, over the next two weeks, I’m excited to announce that Jeopardy! will match whatever the contestants win on this show and donate that amount of money to my charity, HealthCorps. A charity that teaches teens about health. It’s incredibly generous, thank you. So Nick, Kathryn, David play hard, win lots of money. I’m rooting for you.” 

According to the HealthCorps website, the nonprofit is based around “giving teens tools to improve physical and mental health so they can learn to live more productive and happier lives.”

Other Worthy Causes

As of now, Katie Couric has raised the most money out of the hosts thus far for Stand Up for Cancer. Throughout her two-week stint as host, she totaled more than $230,000 for cancer research. 

Stand Up for Cancer has a special meaning for both Jeopardy! and Katie Couric. The money will go toward cancer research, which unfortunately took the lives of both the beloved Alex Trebek and Couric’s husband. 

Other hosts have also already named the charities they will raise money for. Aaron Rodger will be representing the North Valley Community Foundation, and Anderson Cooper has chosen the Hospital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti as his.