’Jeopardy!’: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Makes Guest Hosting Debut, Here’s What Fans Are Saying

by Emily Morgan

After Dr. Sanjay Gupta made his “Jeopardy!” debut as guest host, viewers of the long-running quiz show are weighing in on his performance. On Monday, CNN’s chief medical correspondent stepped behind the coveted podium to start his two-week stint as guest host.

Following his debut show, one viewer tweeted, “Strong first impression for Sanjay Gupta as guest host of Jeopardy, I liked him, he was relaxed and clear. Should be a good 2 weeks. Although he tended to leave out the “what is” when the players didn’t get the Q, a few other hosts have done the same and it feels weird.”

It seemed to be an excellent first start for Gupta, who worked tirelessly preparing for the gig. His run, which spans from June 28 through July 9, was pre-taped. Other guest hosts include “Jeopardy!” champ Ken Jennings, NFL player Aaron Rodgers, journalist Katie Couric, talk-show host Dr. Mehmet Oz, “Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik and fellow CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper.

Although “Jeopardy!” has not yet announced a full-time host, it seems like Gupta has already found his footing on the show— which fans took note of.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Sound Off On Gupta’s Performance

Following the episode, another user tweeted out their approval, writing, “You were great! If I ever went on Jeopardy, my banter would be that when I was an M3 I took the University of Michigan private jet to harvest a liver with Dr Sanjay Gupta. Not many people can say that!”

Another “Jeopardy!” fan had a similar sentiment when they tweeted their approval with, “Dr Sanjay Gupta is the best ever guest host of #jeopardy.”

For Gupta, he can’t help but feel honored to be on the same stage that was once home to legendary host Alex Trebek. In a recent piece for CNN, Gupta described the experience as an “honor of a lifetime.”

He also noted how during his childhood, “the show was the great equalizer in our family. We all had our strengths and our weaknesses. Any of us could emerge a champion. Decades later, I can still recall the look of pride my dad had when he came up with the correct response. I later realized he was even more proud when his young son did the same.”

He added:” ‘Jeopardy!’ was not just our favorite show, it was in our DNA.” Years later, the familiar jingle of the “Jeopardy!” song still rings throughout his home. In fact, the neurosurgeon watches the game show with his three teenage daughters. Now, his parents will come over for the next two weeks to watch their son guest host.

“It will be special, comforting and more important than ever,” he wrote about watching the upcoming episodes with his parents. You can catch Gupta’s guest-hosting episodes, weeknights at 7:30 PM ET, until July 9.