‘Jeopardy!’: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Opens Up About What Made Him ‘So Nervous’ to Guest Host the Show

by Keeli Parkey

Starting on Monday, June 28, episodes of “Jeopardy!” featuring Dr. Sanjay Gupta as guest host will begin airing on television. Like many of the other celebrity guest hosts before him, Gupta was “nervous” to stand behind the podium that once the home of Alex Trebek.

“I was super nervous,” Gupta said during his exclusive interview with the popular game show. “I didn’t know exactly how this was going to play out.”

One reason the respected surgeon was nervous is that hosting “Jeopardy!” was new territory for him.

“I’d never done anything quite like this,” he also said.

While hosting the show in general made him nervous there was one factor that took his nerves to another level, Gupta shared.

“But I think what made me most nervous is that I have just tremendous respect for the show,” the also explained. “So, I think when you have tremendous respect for something, you want to just treat it with that respect and just get everything right.”

Being that motivated to do well as a guest host of “Jeopardy!” is a positive thing. However, it does have a downside, according to Gupta.

“That’s good,” he said of the motivation to have a successful stint on the show. “But it can also make you a bit nervous.”

You can watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta talk about “Jeopardy!” in his exclusive guest host interview below. His comments about why he was “so nervous” to serve as guest host of the show begin around the 2:20 mark of the video.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Gets Emotional While Talking About the Charity He is Supporting During His Time as the Guest Host of ‘Jeopardy!’

The renown Dr. Sanjay Gupta is just the latest in a growing list of individuals who have hosted “Jeopardy!” following the death of Alex Trebek. The respected and beloved host of the popular game show passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer in November 2020. Trebek hosted the show for 37 years. He was 80 years old at the time of his death.

And like the other guest hosts, Dr. Sanjay Gupta has selected a charity that will benefit from his time on the show. According to the “Jeopardy!” website, Gupta has chosen Odyssey Atlanta as his charity of choice. This is an organization that provides assistance to children in under-served areas. Gupta said he is proud to support this organization.

“The charity I chose is Odyssey Atlanta,” Gupta said. “And I’m probably going to get a little emotional, I’ll warn you because it has been a tough year for kids through this pandemic. You know, I think a lot of kids, my kids have – they’ve done well. But I know a lot of kids haven’t been able to have the same resources. So, I thought it was a great opportunity to try and provide that for them. And the amount of money that this raised will transform some of these kids’ lives.”