‘Jeopardy!’ Drops Wild Fact About DIY Home Projects

by Thad Mitchell

Popular quiz show Jeopardy! has undergone some major changes over the past couple of months.

Longtime host Alex Trebek no longer mans the host’s podium since passing away late last year. In his place, Jeopardy! officials have turned to celebrities to provide guest-hosting services. It will never be the same without Trebek but the show will continue moving forward. Fans are certainly excited that the “American Institution” will continue airing on television for the foreseeable future.

One thing that has not changed on Jeopardy! is the show’s dedication to revealing obscure facts and information to its viewers. The show famously and endlessly searches the world over to provide questions and answers for both the contestants and the audience.

One such instance recently appears on a Jeopardy! social media page. The Instagram post touts the “Ikea effect” as an answer to a question about the personal value of do-it-yourself projects. The clue aired Yesterday (Wednesday) as clue number 205641 on an episode of Jeopardy!

“The ‘effect’ named for this company founded in 1943 refers to increased value of a product to a consumer whose own labor is needed,” the clue states.

‘Jeopardy!’ Social Media Post Explains ‘IKEA Effect’

Jeopardy! researchers went a step further in explaining the Ikea Effect in the Wednesday social media post.

“If DIY home projects like building IKEA furniture bring you joy, you’ve likely fallen for the “IKEA effect,” the post says. “The marketing phenomenon identified by professors Michael Norton, Daniel Mochon and Dan Ariely.”

The Instagram post goes on to tell how the trio of professors researched and tested their theory by having subjects perform DIY projects.

“Participants who successfully completed the tasks placed disproportionate value on their own amateur creations in comparison to those of experts,” the post explains. “But if they failed to complete them that value decreased substantially.”

Dr. Oz Mehmet, host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” is currently serving as the Jeopardy! host and will continue until Friday, April 2. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is up next and will assume the hosting role on Monday, April 5. It is not yet known when or if Jeopardy! officials will select a full-time host but they have a large group of celebrities to fill in until then.