‘Jeopardy!’ Enlists the Help of Playstation for ‘Gamer’s Delight’ Category

by John Jamison

The new “Jeopardy!” guest host, George Stephanopoulos, is set to make his debut on the long-running game show tonight. And the show’s social media accounts gave fans a preview of some of the categories we can expect to see during the episode. One of them will appeal to the masses of gamers out there, and “Jeopardy!” would be remiss if they neglected to involve PlayStation.

The “Jeopardy!” official Twitter account posted a picture of one of tonight’s categories. “Gamer’s Delight” is the name of at least one group of clues the contestants will have to navigate.

“Hey @PlayStation, we might need your help with this category today!” the tweet reads.

One thing is for sure, the contestants on the “Good Morning America” co-host’s debut episode better be well-versed in video games. After all, gaming is not among the most practical fields of trivia study. Especially for a game like “Jeopardy!” where it seems that there is a premium on more academic subjects like geography, history, and literature. And pop culture, of course.

It doesn’t look like PlayStation has gotten back to “Jeopardy!” yet. But the category will remain with or without the help of the iconic game system manufacturer.

The New ‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host was in Awe of How Much Work Goes into the Clues

It’s not an easy job putting together entire categories of clues on “Jeopardy!” In fact, the entire writing team has a complex system for making sure everything is thoroughly researched, not repetitive, and follows the rules of whatever the category may be.

Most of the guest hosts that have walked through those halls have commented on how thoroughly the show does everything. George Stephanopoulos was no exception. During his exclusive guest host interview with “Jeopardy!” he compared the clue development to a journalistic approach.

“As a journalist, I have to say, I was incredibly impressed with the work that goes into creating the clues, the research and the writing that goes into it,” George Stephanopoulos said. “When you spend more time with the clues than just watching at home, you realize how much craft goes into making them. And how well written they are, and how much everyone who works on them cares about them.”

The Head Writer of the Iconic Game Show Talked About How They Develop Clues

In 2017, head “Jeopardy!” writer Billy Wisse sat down with Vulture to talk about the clue writing process. It’s a far more applied process than some might initially think. And beyond accuracy, the writers also have to be conscious of difficulty. That’s especially true for the Final Jeopardy category.

“We have a separate meeting to go over Final Jeopardy questions,” Wisse said. “Every few weeks, everyone will bring in their ‘finals’ and we’ll read and critique them. The first thing is to make sure at least one of the other writers can answer it. If that doesn’t happen, then it’s too hard.”