‘Jeopardy!’ Goes Behind Extravagant Palace Category with Breathtaking Video

by Will Shepard

One thing that Jeopardy! does well is mixing up the categories of the game show. This helps keep its contestants involved in the show and makes it more exciting for their fans.

So, today, May 25, the game show did just that. They mixed in a brand new category for the show, and it is utterly fabulous. Not only did they add a new category, but they pulled out all the stops for it.

The game show previewed the video that they filmed for the new category. It is part of a partnership with Viking Cruises and Jeopardy! Nonetheless, the video shows off the Schönbrunn Palace.

The video starts with a couple waltzing through the halls of the luxurious palace. Then, paired with classical music, the game show takes you on a brief tour of the grounds and stately home.

“From sprawling gardens to lavish interiors,” Jeopardy! tweeted out. “It’s no wonder Schönbrunn Palace is one of Vienna’s top attractions! Don’t miss today’s A PALACE IN HISTORY category.”

So, for those of you who are history buffs about palaces, this will certainly be a good episode to tune into. And for anyone who might not be, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about the royal estates. Either way, this is bound to be an exciting category.

“Jeopardy!” Put Out a Teaser Ahead of Tuesday’s Semifinals Game That Promises to Be “Intense and Emotional”

The competition is rising to new heights in the second week of the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. And we at Outsider.com are here for it.

The Tournament of Champions is an awesome event that the game show puts on. During the event, they bring back the best contestants from previous seasons.

Additionally, all of the participants are multi-game winners. Each of them also won an impressive amount of money when they were on. Now, though, this tournament pits them against one another.

The annual tournament began last week with the preliminary round. It saw past champions going head-to-head with a lot of money on the line. Earlier this week, the semifinal round began, and the finals are nipping at their heels.

More importantly, the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions contestants are competing for $250,000. There is also certainly bragging rights up for grabs. The winner of the tournament goes down in the history books. All in all, it is a great showcase of intelligence.

The game show took to its Instagram account to publicize the matchups for Tuesday, May 25. People immediately began responding about who they hope will win. The caption of the post says that the episode will be “an intense and emotional one!”