‘Jeopardy!’ Is a Family Affair for Contestant Whose Sister Also Appeared on the Show

by John Jamison

“Jeopardy!” has been on the air for so long that the network of former contestants is quite extensive. We saw many of them unite recently when they organized a petition to have Dr. Oz removed from the show. Clearly, some of them keep in contact. But what happens when one of your siblings becomes a fellow “Jeopardy!” veteran?

Well, we got to watch Hanna Howard follow in her sister’s footsteps on a Bill Whitaker-hosted episode of the show. During her one-on-one interview, Bill brought up the family connection.

“Hanna Howard, you’re an editor from New York City. Your sister played ‘Jeopardy!'” Whitaker said.

“She did, a few years ago. Unfortunately, she came in second by just $1. It was one of those Final Jeopardy nail biters. But I’m happy to, you know, continue on her legacy here,” Hanna responded.

“Jeopardy!” just runs in the Howard family, evidently. But which one of the sisters gets bragging rights?

Hanna Howard Won Her First Day on ‘Jeopardy!’

The second time’s the charm for the Howard sisters. And unfortunately for Liz, who barely lost the game during her appearance, Hanna won her first day on the show.

The clip that the “Jeopardy!” account posted to Twitter came from Hanna’s second day on the show. The day prior, however, Hanna took home a big win. In her first game, she racked up $20,600, blowing her competition out of the water. Not a bad haul for a day’s work, and definitely enough to claim she’s the superior “Jeopardy!” to her sister.

We’re not throwing any shade at Liz. After all, every game of “Jeopardy!” is wildly different. They can change drastically depending on everything from the competitors to the categories themselves. Maybe Liz ran into some particularly tough competition.

Regardless, Hanna played a stellar game to earn her win and the money along with it. After lagging behind in the first round, she roared back to overtake Emily. By the time Double Jeopardy was all said and done. Hanna had $20,800 to Emily’s $5,200 and Brittany’s $2,200. She didn’t even have to write an answer in Final Jeopardy to win the game. That’s a good position to be in.

Unfortunately, Hanna was unable to replicate her success the next day. She ended her run as a 1-day winner.

If you want to watch Hanna’s win, the entire episode is linked below.