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‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Are Torn Over Jonathan Fisher’s Recent Loss

by Josh Lanier
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Jonathan Fisher toppled one of the best Jeopardy! contestants in the show’s history in Matt Amodio. He won 11 episodes and nearly a quarter of a million dollars. But now that Fisher’s time on the beloved game show is over, fans don’t know how to feel about it.

Jonathan Fisher lost to Nancy Donehower earlier this week after an impressive run on Jeopardy! He loved his time on the show and is OK with how it ended.

“That’s it for my run on @Jeopardy! Congrats to Nancy (quite a name for a streak-stopper, eh @KenJennings?) for a great game and a well-deserved win,” he tweeted. “This has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.”

But fans have mixed feelings about the 30-year-old actor’s turn on the show. Matt Amodio was such a force to behold as he won 38 games in a row, the second-longest winning streak in Jeopardy! history. So, whoever beat him would need to bring that same level of excitement. Many fans felt Fisher lived up to that task with his charisma and funny facial reactions.

“Congrats! I always figure that the person who takes a long-time winner out to be a one-time winner. You proved me wrong! Again, congrats! #Jeopardy!” one person tweeted. “Congratulations on your long run, and succeeding @AmodioMatt! Next year’s #TournamentOfChampions can’t be any more exciting for #Jeopardy!!” another fan commented.

Others were happy to see him go.

“I’m ready for Jonathan Fisher to go back to acting,” one person tweeted. “Yeah falling in love is great but have you ever watched Jonathan Fisher lose on Jeopardy!?” someone else posted.

Regardless, his departure sets up a big potential rematch with Matt Amodio for the Tournament of Champions.

Win Streaks Have Helped ‘Jeopardy!’ Bounce Back From Scandal

For the first time in Jeopardy! history, the show has back-to-back double-digit game-winners in Fisher and Amodio. And it couldn’t come at a better time for the show that was reeling from a scandal in August.

Jeopardy! fired host-for-a-day and executive producer Mike Richards after reporters uncovered offensive comments he made on his podcast years ago. Since then, interim host Mayim Bialik, helped by Matt Amodio and Jonathan Fisher, refocused attention away from Richards. Show staff told The Daily Mail that they hope Bialik gets the permanent job as she’s a refreshing change after Richards’ “traumatic” time leading Jeopardy!

‘Mayim is gracious, warm, and smart and (interim Executive Producer) Michael (Davies) is a diligent leader who is focused on producing a show for the viewers,’ a source told the paper.

Ken Jennings will help co-host the show beginning next month. But show staffers said it would be poignant if Jeopardy! named Alex Trebek’s replacement soon, as the anniversary of his death is approaching.

“After decades of calm, we’ve had so much upheaval and change over the past year since Alex passed,” an insider told the Mail. “It’s been traumatic. It would be so wonderful if Sony celebrates Alex’s life on November 8, the anniversary of his tragic passing, by formalizing the future of the show that Alex cared so much about.”