‘Jeopardy!’ Fans React to Katie Couric’s Guest-Hosting Debut

by Josh Lanier

Answer: “Fantastic.” “Smart.” “Fun and talented.” “Annoying.” And “Heartwarming.” What are the fans’ reviews of Katie Couric’s first-night as Jeopardy! guest host?

Couric received mostly good reviews online from fans for her groundbreaking debut behind Alex Trebek’s former podium Monday night. The journalist and author became the first woman ever to host the popular game show. A feat she accomplished on International Women’s Day nonetheless.

“I thought you were fantastic, Katie. Your love for the show and enthusiasm shone through, and you were super nice to the contestants, which was heartwarming,” one person tweeted.

“I am really digging Katie Couric as the guest host of @Jeopardy! Great job!” someone else said. “It turns @katiecouric absolutely crushed it tonight. I don’t know why anyone didn’t expect that,” another user wrote.

But while most reviews were positive, some people attacked Couric online. The hate stems from comments she made recently about supporters of former President Donald Trump. Couric said they needed to be “deprogrammed.”

“Well, ‘Perky Katie’ Couric needed something legit to do since it appears she’s no longer relevant,” one man said of Couric.

Couric will host the show for two weeks before until Dr. Mehmet Oz takes over from March 22-April 2. Then Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers hosts April 5-16. CNN’s Anderson Cooper will lead the show on April 19-30. Actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik and CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta will also host but the show hasn’t released those dates. Follow the schedules on Jeopardy!‘s website.

Katie Couric Opens Episode by Honoring Alex Trebek

Katie Couric is Jeopardy!’s third guest host since Alex Trebek died of pancreatic cancer in October 2020. Ken Jennings Jeopardy’s “Greatest Of All Time” player and executive producer Mike Richards were first to guest host. And fans loved their performance behind the lectern.

Before Monday’s show, Jeopardy! released an interview with Couric where she said she is a longtime fan of the show, but was incredibly nervous to take the job. She worried that she couldn’t live up to the standards set by Trebek. But, she added, the staff and crew were incredibly helpful and kind on and off-screen.

Couric paid homage to Trebek at the top of the show. Couric also announced that Jeopardy! would match every dollar won on the each show she hosted and donate it to Stand Up To Cancer. The former TODAY show host serves on the charity’s board and has raised millions of dollars for cancer research. Her husband died of colorectal cancer in 1998.

“It is such a thrill to be here guest hosting a show I’ve watched and loved for years. And of course, a real honor to help out as all of us recover from the loss of the truly irreplaceable Alex Trebek,” Couric said, according to Yahoo News. “Jeopardy! will be matching the winnings from each show I guest host and donating that amount to the pancreatic cancer dream team from Stand Up To Cancer. So thank you, Jeopardy! Now let’s have some fun.”