‘Jeopardy!’ Fans React to Mayim Bialik’s Return Following Ken Jennings Stint

by Michael Freeman

Mayim Bialik recently returned to host Jeopardy!, relieving Ken Jennings of the position for now. As one might expect, fans are divided on whether they prefer the former or the latter taking on the mantle.

Mayim Bialik’s Jeopardy! return brings with it a plethora of fan opinions. In a Reddit thread titled “Mayim is back, yay!” the show’s subreddit voices their opinion on Bialik’s return. The title of the thread alone tells you the original poster is happy about her coming back, but the comment section is another story.

“Mayim Bialik is so much more engaging than Ken Jennings,” the original poster wrote. “She makes me interested in the players and makes the competition fun. Jennings just seems to get through the game and signs off. With Mayim, I feel like I have been invited to participate. She is awesome.”

However, they appear to be in the minority. The thread is now locked and only a few comments seem to back their opinion, with users saying they preferred Jennings by a wide margin. “What the hell are you talking about? how does she make the competition fun? she just reads the clues. What do you mean invited to participate? Nothing what you said makes any sense at all. Is this supposed to be ironic?” someone asked. A few users concurred the original poster must have been trolling or full of sarcasm.

Others agree, saying they felt less engaged than when Jennings is there. Many in the thread also state though they feel she’s a good or average host, she pales in comparison to Ken Jennings.

In short, though Reddit users prefer Jennings, they aren’t opposed to Mayim Bialik.

Mayim Bialik Congratulates Amy Schneider on Her ‘Historic and Absolutely Beautiful’ Win Streak

Just as Ken Jennings’ hosting position recently ended, so did Amy Schneider’s historic win streak on Jeopardy!. Nevertheless, it was beyond impressive and Mayim Bialik congratulated her, calling it “historic and absolutely beautiful.”

Schneider’s incredible winning spree ended after 40 consecutive games recently. A Chicago librarian named Rhone Talsma took the win from her, snatching it during “Final Jeopardy!” Regardless, Schneider remained humble and took her loss with class. Upon hearing the news, Bialik commended her on Twitter, noting she is an inspiration.

Breaking a number of records during her Jeopardy! tenure, Schneider only had Jennings’ record left to beat, though it was still a ways away since he won 74 games. Unfortunately, Bialik never had her chance to host the show during Bialik’s stay, but maybe Thalsma could have a similar run.