‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Say One Former Champ Should Be New Host, But It’s Not Ken Jennings

by Madison Miller

There’s plenty of buzz going around on who should be the new (hopefully) long-term, permanent host over on “Jeopardy!” While Mike Richard’s time was short-lived, a former contestant of the popular trivia show is generating some worthy buzz.

Fans are now fixated on Buzzy Cohen as the man for the job. It’s a surprising twist, seeing as Ken Jennings is the most popular former contestant to appear on the show. He is also a consulting producer for the show.

Buzzy Cohen as Host of ‘Jeopardy!’

Despite his 74-game streak and continued presence with all things “Jeopardy!” it’s Buzzy Cohen that’s drawing attention as the ideal host. There were rumors that Jennings didn’t get selected the first time around because of a couple of past problematic tweets that surfaced.

Cohen, however, seems to offer everything fans want in a host and has proven to be drama-free so far. You may recognize Cohen as one of the many guest hosts this past season. He was the host of the 2021 Tournament of Champions that was on in mid-May. Buzzy Cohen knows a thing or two about the competition, seeing as he was the winner back in 2017.

A teacher from Minnesota named Sam Kavanaugh ended up the winner of the grand prize of $250,000.

Could Buzzy Cohen be up for his very own special prize?

Fans started rallying for Cohen after seeing a throwback picture of the tournament on social media. “Buzzy Cohen is nothing short of fabulous at hosting Jeopardy! — especially during the Tournament of Champions! Now, let’s make him permanent host [of] the show!” one person wrote under the post.

“Come on Jeopardy, @jeopardy @sonypictures, how can you not see that @buzzycohenofficial is the best choice to host!?! Make it happen!!” another person wrote. Each viewer seems to have their own opinion on who belongs behind that hosting podium.

The Path to a New Host

From the looks of it, “Jeopardy!” executives have a lot more to consider than just who the most popular host is amongst viewers.

If they did, it’s likely that LeVar Burton would have been selected the first time around. He has had an overwhelming amount of support and appears to be the most popular person for the job. He’s even had celebrity backing, such as from Ava DuVernay who said she should even make him his own show to host. The petition for him to host is right near 300,000, which is an astounding number.

Buzzy was one of 15 other guest hosts that appeared on “Jeopardy!” Now, however, the show is going back to a guest host schedule, starting with Mayim Bialik again. She will host for three weeks while the show works through what the next move is.

Some people have been calling for a rotating host cycle for “Jeopardy!” rather than continuing the stress of finding one perfect person. This would instead allow those passionate about the show the chance to appear periodically, including hardcore fanatics like LeVar Burton and Aaron Rodgers.