‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Shower Buzzy Cohen with Praise After Final Episode of Guest Hosting Run Airs

by Keeli Parkey

The person who will become the permanent host of “Jeopardy!” has not yet been announced. And, who knows if the popular quiz show’s staff even has a candidate in mind.

Well, there are some fans who have already decided who the host should be. Their choice is a former champion and a recent guest host of the show. And no, it’s not Ken Jennings.

Their host of choice is Buzzy Cohen. And, fans of “Jeopardy!” have taken to Twitter to praise him for his performance on the show. Cohen hosted a Tournament of Champions that aired from May 17 until May 28.

Here’s just one example of the tweets that have been shared praising Cohen’s work on the quiz show.

@Jeopardy the answer is clear!! @buzztronics is THE ONE!! He is the best guest host so far, and should get the gig!!”

There were many other messages of support for Buzzy Cohen. Here are a few more of them.

@buzztronics I like Buzzy a lot @Jeopardy . He would make a good host full time. He paces everything really well and he sounds so friendly,” another fan shared.

“OK. What do we need to do to get @buzztronics to be the next #Jeopardy host? He did a fantastic job,” another pro-Buzzy tweet said.

“Thank you @Jeopardy and the champions for an incredible #TournamentofChampions. @buzztronics did a fantastic job as host,” one fan shared.

“Buzzy has surprised me and is now my favorite Jeopardy Guest Host So far. Ken Jennings a close second. #Jeopardy,” another said.

There was also this tweet: “Buzzy did a great job as host, especially considering he had a different challenge ahead of him than the other guest hosts. Would have to be on the shortlist of permanent host, you’d think. Maybe the favorite? #Jeopardy.”

While Some ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Favor Buzzy Cohen, Others Have Different Hosts In Mind

Of course, not all fans of “Jeopardy!” believe Buzzy Cohen is the right choice to replace Alex Trebek. And while they have a handful of guests host from which to choose, a few favorites have emerged.

According to a recent poll, Ken Jennings is the person 22 percent of fans who participated in the survey want to be the replacement of the beloved Trebek. Trebek passed away in November 2020.

Coming in a close second place behind Jennings, is someone famous for something else entirely. That person is popular NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He reportedly earned the support of 16 percent of “Jeopardy!” fans.

There has also been a push to have LeVar Burton become the Trebek’s successor. His stint as guest host is scheduled to take place from July 26 through July 30, according to the show’s website.