‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Slam Tournament of Champions Contestant Ryan Bilger for Being ‘Smug’ and ‘Cocky’

by Evan Reier

The Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions is officially underway, and it’s taken less than one episode for one contestant to irritate fans.

On Monday May 17, the tourney kicked off with Jason Zuffranieri, Sarah Jett Rayburn and Ryan Bilger competing. However, one of those three contestants began to rub people the wrong way.

Bilger is competing on the show after winning over $100,000 in a run in 2019. The current West Virginia graduate student, was confident in his answers and general demeanor. For example, Jeopardy! tweeted out a clip of the contestant pumping his chest.

There is also one moment in particular that fans have singled out as disrespectful. Bilger, at one point, said he was going “for the kill,” which seriously irked fans, such as user @suepirie1402.

“Agreed but maybe someone have a chat with ‘go for the kill’ boy. Obnoxious behaviour not befitting the Jeopardy legacy.”

The comments got heated enough on Twitter that Jeopardy! responded to the above tweet with a message to fans.

“While we welcome a lively exchange with our fans,” the show wrote. “Pease keep the level of conversation respectful and appropriate.”

Jeopardy! Fans Sound Off

The above reply came after many fans took to the replies on Twitter. For example, @ethanolbob said his demeanor wouldn’t be something Alex Trebek would have supported.

“How about somebody tell the young lad to treat his opponents with respect? Jeopardy contestants should act with nothing but class, Alex would demand no less!”

@rarrlow also shared a similar sentiment.

“This Ryan guy is horrible! Terrible sport, and cocky and disrespectful towards his fellow contestants. I know who I’m rooting against in this tournament. Buzzy’s doing a good job, though.”

Some viewers are even saying his play is making them want to watch something else. Just ask @MichaelRezabek.

“It’s one thing to get excited,” the user wrote. “It’s another to have some semblance of humility. This guy and his smug attitude turned me off to the tournament.”

He’s not alone, as @web_noni said she would not watch if he was on again.

“I don’t even want to watch the rest of the tournament if Ryan will be on again! What an arrogant little brat!”

However, one user didn’t sound like they were going to turn Jeopardy! off, and expect the contestant to lose.

“He is cocky person…he will get knocked down,” wrote @2011whocares.