‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Sounding Off on Mayim Bialik Temporarily Replacing Mike Richards

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Mike Pont/WireImage

After the drama of this last week, “Jeopardy!” executives were once again stuck looking for a temporary host of the popular trivia show.

Mike Richards was the permanent host of the show for exactly nine days. The executive producer ended up withdrawing from his role after past problematic comments he made came to light.

Now, the show just announced that Mayim Bialik will be the first one to fill in as a guest host following Richards’ departure. She was named as the prime-time host of “Jeopardy!” at the same time Richards was announced as the full-time host. Her original job was going to be hosting any “Jeopardy!” tournaments.

Reaction To Mayim Bialik As Temporary ‘Jeopardy!’ Host

It’s unclear if her role will stay the same following all the Mike Richards drama. The show is going to cycle through guest hosts once again to take time to select a new host. She has the possibility of just getting promoted to the full-time syndicated host instead.

According to CNN, she will host the episodes being taped this week. Mike Richards filmed only one episode as host, which will feature “Jeopardy!” champion, Matt Amodio. Since “Jeopardy!” films a week’s worth of episodes in a day, she is going to appear as host for three weeks.

“Now that there is some more time to figure things out, she has become a real viable choice for Sony. It just makes sense to ask her to step in for several weeks while they figure out next steps,” a person close to the matter said to the news site.

Given all that has been happening with “Jeopardy!” fans have a lot of opinions. Many of the opinions, as is usually the case on the internet, appear to be negative.

“I predict a lot of bad jokes, snickering laughter, and annoyed contestants who’ve waited a lifetime to compete only to face Blossom. Keep the integrity of the show @Jeopardy and hire #LeVarBurton,” one person wrote. LeVar Burton remains a huge fan favorite.

Another person is claiming that Alex Trebek wanted Mike Richards to replace him. This is not confirmed, seeing as Trebek never publically picked his replacement officially prior to his death in November.

“Crazy thing is Trebek picked his replacement before his death. The internet is trying to change a dying man’s wishes and this is pretty gross. Like or hate the new guy it was still his wishes…”

Controversies Brought Up About Bialik

Others are pointing out the controversies that are surrounding the temporary “Jeopardy!” host as well. A lot of which seems to center around her take on the COVID-19 vaccine.

“And while we’re at it, keep in mind that Mayim Bialik, though vaccinated, spreads vaccine doubt and hawks brain quackery. She is no representative for a show about facts and authority. Replace the executive producer. Fire the executives over him. And give @levarburton the gig,” a popular journalist, Jeff Jarvis, wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, others seem sick of guest hosts. Many are just calling for her, or anyone, to be named the full-time host. One person wrote, “Or… and I like this idea better… make her the permanent host.”

As for her filling in, as well as her part-time role on the show, one fan succinctly summarized the situation by saying, “They were both bad choices.”