‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Think They Know Exactly Who Alex Trebek Would Want to Host Show

by John Jamison

If only Alex Trebek himself had officially named a successor before he passed, the current situation at “Jeopardy!” might have been avoided. Of course, it wouldn’t have been his decision alone. But he had plenty of influence with Sony as the iconic host of the show and a producer. Unfortunately, we are left to speculate who the permanent replacement might be. And fans are doing exactly that across the far reaches of the internet.

The “Jeopardy!” subreddit found the question “Who would Alex want?” asked recently. It’s an interesting way of looking at it, being so conditioned to thinking about who we personally would want to see in the role. Fans wasted no time providing their answers.

“A professional who would keep the focus on the game and the contestants while maintaining the quality and ethical standards we’ve come to expect from the show,” wrote Redditor jaysjep2.

“When it comes down to it, he clearly liked Ken. The two discussed Ken hosting as a guest just two days before Alex’s passing. Jean gave Ken a pair of Alex’s cuff links and a personal letter none of the other guest hosts got. I’m certainly making logical leaps here in place of knowing all of the details, but it seems there was a favorite,” one user added to the thread.

“Ken had the goods. They’re are other potentially capable contenders, like Faber and Buzzy, but Ken has all the information in his head, like Alex did. He expounds on answers, which I always appreciated cryin Alex, and he handled the game like a champ. I truly think Alex wanted Ken and so do I,” another added.

Ken Jennings makes sense as Alex Trebek’s preferred replacement. But then again, the two went back a long time. It’s possible that they were simply good friends and that he wasn’t necessarily the “chosen one.”

Catch Up on All the Drama Surrounding ‘Jeopardy!’ Recently

For any “Jeopardy!” fans behind the times out there, the months-long guest-hosting saga to evaluate potential replacements for Alex Trebek ended in disaster. Mike Richards, an executive producer on the show, was named the permanent host. This came as a surprise. Many didn’t expect a producer on the search committee to fill the role. Soon thereafter, questionable comments he made on a podcast years ago came to light. The backlash from the community forced Sony’s hand.

First, Richards stepped down as host and maintained his position as executive producer. That proved untenable as well, and the show has now parted ways with Richards entirely. Mayim Bialik, who was selected as the “Jeopardy!” host for prime-time special episodes like those during the Tournament of Champions, is stepping in temporarily.

Meanwhile, Sony executives and “Jeopardy!” are continuing their hunt for a viable replacement for Alex Trebek, and now, Mike Richards.