‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Voice Concern New Host Search Won’t Be Any ‘Different’ Than First Time Around

by Clayton Edwards

To say that things have been dicey in the Jeopardy! world lately would be an understatement. After Mike Richards stepped down from the hosting position, he left a vacuum. As a result, Sony Pictures Television had to scramble to find a replacement. So, they put Mayim Bialik in Richards’ place for fifteen episodes. After that, the show will feature another string of guest hosts. Some fans of the show find this process a little frustrating.

In fact, a few Reddit users think that this new host search will be the same as it was last time. On the other hand, some think it might be worse for the show than the drama surrounding Mike Richards’ selection and subsequent exit as host.

Redditor IDidNotDoIt posted about the second host search. “Am I understanding this right,” they asked. “After a botched search by Sony executives and Jeopardy!’s executive producer, it is retaining Tony Vinciquerra and Ravi Ahuja to lead the search committee.” They then pointed out that they were the ones who hired Richards. Additionally, they mentioned that Richards will still be on board as an executive producer before asking the question plaguing many minds. “How is this different?”

Furthermore, they wondered how fans can be sure that the aforementioned execs won’t bungle the host selection process a second time.

Another Redditor replied with a solid point. “I mean, keeping the guest hosting coming in while the guy producing them had to step down from the job is painfully awkward even ignoring everything else about Richards,” they added that this has the potential to cause serious tension on the set. Then, they asked, “Why on earth would you willingly create that situation?”

A ‘Jeopardy!’ Fan Theory

Redditor DaniMagoo has a theory as to why things are happening this way. However, they hope that they are wrong.

After hearing about Mayim Bialik replacing Richards for a short time before another line of guest hosts they wondered why Sony would choose to do this. They said, “The longer they drag this out, the worse it’s going to be for the show.”

They expanded on this thought, noting that another line of guest hosts will only make selecting a host harder in the end. Furthermore, adding more potential hosts to the selection process only makes it harder to please Jeopardy!’s audience.

To them, and other Jeopardy! fans, it makes more sense to just make the safe choice. “Do an extra thorough background check on Ken and Buzzy, like they should have done with Richards, and pick the cleanest one.”

They worry that the current situation on the show is a long con from the executives to tank Jeopardy!’s ratings so they can cancel it to make room for something else. They concluded by saying. “…no executive in his right mind would drag this process out any longer than absolutely necessary…unless he wanted it to fail. God, I hope I’m wrong, and Vinciquerra is just incompetent.”