‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Voice Concern Over Matt Amodio’s Current Win Streak Amid Mike Richards Drama

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Joe Scarnici/WireImage via Getty Images)

Right now, the drama surrounding Mike Richards has the Jeopardy! world in an uproar. Many fans and staffers alike believe that his short stint as the host damaged the show’s reputation. His checkered past full of inappropriate remarks and lawsuits came back to haunt him before he ever stepped behind the lectern. Then, he hosted for a single day. During that time, he helmed five episodes. We’ve talked at length about that. However, one thing that has been largely overlooked is how the drama will affect the game. Some worry that the buzz surrounding Richards could put Matt Amodio’s win streak at risk.

Many former Jeopardy! contestants have discussed how nerve-wracking the show can be in good times. So, it stands to reason that trying to play the game with an embattled host leading the way would be tough. Matt Amodio went into the August 19th taping of Jeopardy! with 18 consecutive wins under his belt. Furthermore, Amodio is currently the third-highest earner on the show behind Ken Jennings and Brad Holzhauer. As a result, the reigning champ probably would have felt pressure to keep his streak alive no matter who hosted. However, with all of the drama circling the show, that pressure was probably increased.

Some Jeopardy! fans on Reddit are worried that this added pressure will throw some contestants off their game.

Concern for Matt Amodio, Others Amid Richards Hosting Scandal

The Reddit thread’s original poster said that they feel for the contestants who have to record their episodes right now. After all, being on the show is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for most contestants.  They added, “I imagine it is very awkward and confusing.”

One commenter voiced their concern about Matt Amodio’s winning streak. They said, “I really hope he made it through that week (day of filming). All that news and tension had to be distracting.”

About the first week of Jeopardy!’s upcoming season, one Redditor said, “Honestly, I feel like it’ll be either really intriguing or uncomfortable to watch.”

However, concern in the thread doesn’t stop at Matt Amodio and the contestants who recorded with Richards on Thursday. In fact, one commenter was supposed to be a contestant on the show. They flew into LA and headed to Sony TV studios on Friday. There, they were informed that production was paused and they had to return home. Some commenters reached out with questions about rescheduling and expenses.

Another Redditor looked away from the contestants and hosts for a moment to shine some light on the team that makes everything happen. They mentioned the filming crew of the show. They expected to go back to work full-time. Instead, they worked for one day before production halted. They added that expecting money and getting much less than planned can cause serious issues. This is especially true if one lives in a place like Southern California that has a high cost of living.