‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Voice Specific Request for Upcoming Season That Doesn’t Involve New Host

by Leanne Stahulak

The “Jeopardy!” world turned upside down when longtime host Alex Trebek died of stage four pancreatic cancer last November. But in a time of constantly changing guest hosts and relatively new executive producers, some things stayed unequivocally the same.

The font and logo, for example, of the game show never changed. The music and set stayed consistent (barring new COVID policies). Even the show’s 93-year-old announcer, Johnny Gilbert, continued to voice the show’s announcements from his Virginia home during the pandemic.

But some “Jeopardy!” fans on Reddit are asking why all this shouldn’t change along with the show gaining a new permanent host. Several of the things listed above, one user claims, are absolutely tied to Alex Trebek and his legacy.

“I know the new season started filming, so it doesn’t matter in the end, but personally I would have liked to see new everything with the new host, whoever it may be. New set, new logo, new arrangement of the theme, etc,” the user wrote.

They referenced how the show’s first host, Art Fleming, had his own “Jeopardy!” logo and font. Now, Alex Trebek has employed the same one for at least three decades. The Reddit user also said Gilbert “deserves to enjoy retirement,” and the show should have a new announcer to go with the new host.

What Do ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Think About Changing The Show To Go With The New Host?

Several Reddit users responded to the post with their own thoughts. Some agreed, some disagreed, and others looked for a compromise to the original suggestion.

“I think we’re long overdue for a new set and theme arrangement, but I feel like the logo font is sacred,” one fan replied in the thread. “The announcer’s position should be Johnny’s until he chooses to retire or passes away. And Mike [Richards] letting Johnny go would have just added even more fuel to the fire he made.”

Sony Pictures Television originally tapped “Jeopardy!” executive producer Mike Richards to take over for Trebek. But his controversial comments and involvement with the host selection process caused him to step down from the spot. Another line of guest hosts will take over for the current season while Sony searches for another replacement.

Another user commented, “You can’t just change the look of an iconic show overnight like that without alienating a lot of fans. Read up on what happened about eight years ago with Hockey Night in Canada when they changed the set, the hosts, the format and everything else, and pissed off the entire country.”

The logo seemed to be the sticking point for many “Jeopardy!” fans on the subreddit.

“I’d be down with some changes to the set and rearrangements of the music, but there’s so much equity built into the logo itself to change,” a different user pointed out. “It’s like asking, for example, the Green Bay Packers to change the circle-G logo. It’ll never happen at this point.”

Do you want to see a new set/logo/music/theme with a new host? Or should “Jeopardy!” preserve Trebek’s legacy through the show’s appearance? A penny for your thoughts, Outsiders.