‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Weigh in on Ken Jennings’ Time as Interim Host in His Last Week

by Emily Morgan

“Jeopardy!” fans are expressing their thoughts on Ken Jennings’ performance as the interim host ends his time on the beloved game show.

During Thursday night’s game, Jennings showed off his comedic side when he put his spin on the word ‘genre,’ something his predecessor received plenty of chuckles from when he took a stab at it.

Following the episode, Jennings took to Twitter to poke fun at himself.

I take a whack at saying “genre” on today’s @Jeopardy. Hope I did all right for my first time.”

Even though the initial tweet focused on a seemingly insignificant pronunciation of the word (is it pronounced “jean-rah?”), most of the tweet’s comments focused on Jennings’ role as a host.

Many of the comments were overwhelmingly positive, calling for the show to name Ken Jennings as the permanent host.

“You’re doing a super fantastic job. Alex would be so proud of you. Like Alex, you smile a lot and are very kind to the contestants,” one user wrote.

Another user got straight to the point, writing, “We love you, @KenJennings, and look forward to your return to @Jeopardy
as the permanent host!!!”

“I’m ready for Jeopardy to hire you full time, Ken,” another user commented.

Celebrity Hosts Have Big Shoes To Fill As Ken Jennings’ Episodes Soar In Ratings

In regards to “Jeopardy’s” ratings, Jennings is killing it.

During the week of February 7th, Jennings’ fourth week of shows was up in the ratings by 2 percent, coming in at 6.1 million.

While hosting, viewers have mentioned how personable, charismatic and engaged he seems with the contestants.

Next week, fans will see the show’s executive producer try their hand at hosting.

Celebrity fill-ins such as Katie Couric and quarterback Aaron Rodgers will take their place behind the podium.

Continuing through the spring, more temporary hosts will take on the role of guest host until production names a permanent host in May.

Currently, “Jeopardy!” remains the number one show in syndication.

In comparison, “The Ellen Show” was down to one million views, but “Live with Kelly and Ryan” came in with two million views.

Despite “Jeopardy’s” high ratings, the show underwent tragedy when December’s winning contestant, 24-year-old Brayden Smith, died suddenly. During his run on the show, he won an impressive $115,000 dollars.