‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Weigh in on Speculation Ken Jennings Is Now Frontrunner to Become Host

by Jonathan Howard

With the fallout of Mike Richards as host of Jeopardy! fans have weighed in on rumors once again. The fit was just not right based on past comments he had made. Also, it seemed like a bit of an inside job, with many preferring other hosts. There were so many great guest hosts in the last year. Now, it looks like it is one man’s job to lose according to reports.

To the joy of many fans, Ken Jennings is now the next man up. It seems as though the GOAT of the game is slated to take over the reins. Many fans felt that this should have been the decision from the beginning. With that news coming out, social media is filled with takes from casual viewers and diehard fans alike.

Over on the Jeopardy! Reddit page, there were tons of responses to the Jennings news. User RobotSilf earned one of the top responses with, “ITT (In this thread): you can’t please everyone but at least it’s not Richards.” Which, after skimming the replies was a great summation of the post.

Another user said, “As long as they [the host] aren’t a crappy person. Richards really lowered that bar.” That would be a good qualification. Meanwhile, u/This-Is-Leopardy commented, “It felt like complete whiplash when the Richards announcement came.” All throughout the thread, fans expressed their disappointment with the original Richards decision.

“I don’t believe Jeopardy ‘strongly considered’ anyone but Richards before the massive outcry to his choice of himself,” another user put it bluntly. “I don’t think Jeopardy fans are super critical or prone to ‘cancel’ hosts they don’t like.” And, that has a lot of validity. There isn’t a very high bar to clear when it comes to pleasing the fans.

‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Undisputed GOAT?

While the reports are saying that the Jeopardy! host job is Ken Jennings’ to lose, it isn’t official yet. While Jennings is surely the GOAT of contestants on the show, this would be taking that title to a new level. With Alex Trebek being the only host of the show, this elevation from contestant to host is unprecedented.

It did seem that at first, the show was going to end up in Jennings’ hands anyway. He has an understanding of the game and a love and passion that are unrivaled by other guest hosts. If there is anyone who is going to care for the show the way it needs to be cared for it is Jennings. Contestants should be the priority and have been what drives the show from day one. If there is anyone who gets that, it is the Jeopardy! GOAT himself.

While the Mike Richards episodes will air, there aren’t going to be many. Jennings is going to be ready for when it’s his turn to step up to the podium.