‘Jeopardy!’: Final Clue Features a ‘Harvard Dish’ That Went Down in History Books as Awful

by Leanne Stahulak

Fans once again asked if last night’s “Final Jeopardy!” question was “too easy,” but only two out of the three contestants got it right.

In the category “College Life,” the clue read: “This dish associated with Harvard goes back to the start of the school; the wife of the first headmaster made an awful version.”

Starting in third place with $6,000, contestant Jaclyn Schuenzel answered, “What is figgy pudding?” She wagered all of her money on the response, but it was incorrect.

Returning champion Jen Jazwinski went into the “Final Jeopardy!” round in second place, with $13,600. Jazwinski also wagered all of her money, but she guessed, “What is hasty pudding?”

“That is correct!” new guest host George Stephanopoulos said. “The hasty pudding club later became a famous Harvard institution.”

So the returning “Jeopardy!” champion finished the round with $27,200, putting her ahead of the current first-place contestant, Tim Moon. But Moon also answered with hasty pudding, and by wagering $6,000, he shot just ahead of Jazwinski with $28,200.

As Stephanopoulos said, hasty pudding did lead to a famous society at Harvard called the Hasty Pudding Club. According to the club’s website, the group of Harvard students who founded the club wanted it to be a social group like any other. But the one provision was that “the members in alphabetical order shall provide a pot of hasty pudding for every meeting.” Apparently, students craved something besides Harvard’s “unappetizing” dining hall food.

“Jeopardy!”‘s official Twitter site tagged Harvard in a post about the final question, saying, “Can you help with this response, @Harvard?” While the Ivy League school didn’t deign to respond, several fans attempted to answer the final question, with a few once again complaining that the final question was “too easy.”

“Another ‘cupcake’ final jeopardy question,” one user replied.

High-Earnings ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Breaks Mini Streak

Jen Jazwinski walked into her third “Jeopardy!” game with $59,201 in hand, and she left with just over $60k.

But the librarian from Algonquin, Illinois told local newspaper The Daily Herald that she wished she’d won so that she could’ve had a shot to play in the Tournament of Champions. Because of the pandemic, there was no studio audience while the shows were taping, and she wished that her husband and parents could’ve seen her play on stage at the next Tournament.

“That part made me a little bit sad,” Jazwinski told The Daily Herald.

Overall, Jazwinski called her time on the game show “so stinking fun,” and she’s grateful to her local community for being supportive of her “Jeopardy!” journey.

“The community in Algonquin has just been amazing,” she said. “To have all these people cheering me on, I’ve cried so many times over the last five days because I didn’t expect that.”

Jazwinski also doesn’t hold a grudge for usurper Tim Moon, who The Daily Herald says managed to find and correctly answer all three Daily Doubles. This put him far enough ahead of Jazwinski that she couldn’t come back far enough in the “Final Jeopardy!” round.

“I couldn’t lose to a nicer guy than Tim,” she said. “He was just so fast on the buzzer.”