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‘Jeopardy!’ Final Clue Tests Contestants’ ‘Mouse Trap’ Knowledge

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

Despite numerous changes in the past couple of months, the hit game show “Jeopardy!” keeps rolling along and gaining popularity.

As it has for many years, “Jeopardy!” maintains its commitment to providing entertaining competition and education. While the loss of longtime host Alex Trebek left a hole in the show’s heart, the quiz show remains on the right track. In Trebek’s place, “Jeopardy!” officials are utilizing various celebrities to fill in as guest hosts. Many longtime “Jeopardy!” watchers say this approach has added a spark to the show and has been a joy to watch.

Even with the revolving door behind the “Jeopardy!” hosting lectern, the show remains steadfast in its goals. Tuesday’s episode went down to the wire with Final Jeopardy! proving to be a determining factor. The final clue of Tuesday’s matchup asked contestants about a perfected invention that likely all of us have or will use. After the episode came to an end, “Jeopardy!” took to social media to quiz game show watchers. Social media users and game show fans were posed the same clue that the contestants saw in Final Jeopardy!, Think you can come up with the correct answer?

“Don’t get trapped by this clue,” the caption from the “Jeopardy!” team states. During Tuesday’s episode, new guest host George Stephanopoulos relayed the category to the contestants, who then determined how much to wager. Contestants were then given time to come up with their answers, hoping to solve the clue with the correct response.

“in 1899 James Atkinson patented his new and approved one of these, including its spring-powered snapping action,” the final Jeopardy! clue states.

“What is a mousetrap?” is the correct response to the clue.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Take a Shot at Final Clue

Tim Moon, an attorney in Syracuse, New York, won Tuesday’s episode — his second straight “Jeopardy!” win. Through his two-episode winning streak, Moon has racked more than $72,000 in winnings. He will take part in today’s (Wednesday) episode and will be aiming for his third straight victory.

Several “Jeopardy!” fans and social media users took a shot at answering Tuesday’s final clue. While several were able to guess the correct answer, others threw out some wild answers to the clue. Pogo Stick, Ball Point Pen and umbrella were among the errant guesses thrown out by social media users. Others bragged that they were able to get the final clue right and pondered aloud if they would make a good contestant on the show.

“Got it. Complete guess, but it doesn’t matter. I got it right,” one fan says in the comments. “I play against my family and they don’t need to know my method.”

Stephanopoulos, a journalist and television host by trade, is off to a good start in his “Jeopardy!” hosting tenure. He will finish out the week as guest host, with his final episode coming Friday.