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‘Jeopardy!’: Final Round Leaves Viewers Shocked by Finish

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Even though it’s been on the air for decades, “Jeopardy!” still finds ways to surprise and shock its viewers. Just take the latest episode for instance. The game show had an unexpected finale with a twist that’s straight out of a gotcha movie.

Sometimes, the underdogs pull out a miracle and take home the victory. Contestant Melis Sahin-Collins certainly didn’t seem like she had any hope of winning. Going into in Final Jeopardy!, Sahin-Collins played a poor game beforehand. Contestants Jon Spurney and Tim Everhart had dominated the match. Both contestants had been evenly matched in their trivia prowess and even tied. Both had $14,200 going into the last round. Meanwhile, Sahin-Collins only had $2,000.

But their rivalry ended up costing them both the match and securing Sahin-Collins victory. Both contestants bet all their money on the final question. And they got it wrong. Meanwhile, Sahin-Collins also got the final question wrong but she bet zero dollars. That means she took the victory, winning $2000 to their zero.

Viewers React to ‘Jeopardy!’

Viewers couldn’t hold back their shock and surprise at the ending turn of events. Viewers went on Twitter, comparing the end of the episode to a movie twist.

One user wrote, “Tonight’s ‘Jeopardy!’ had some real M. Night Shyamalan level plot twist energy. I’m very here for it.”

For another user, the episode was about the best there was. They commented, “Yeah sex is cool, but have you ever seen a 3rd place ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant win by using strategic betting in Final Jeopardy!?”

One person compared the game show to a sporting event they’ve just watched. “The final jeopardy round of @Jeopardy yesterday reminded me that miracles really do happen. If you saw it, then you know what I’m talkin’ bout. Congratulations, Melis!” they wrote. “I jumped off the couch like it was the final buzzer-beater in March Madness! So good.”

Meanwhile, even guest host Mike Richards was amazed by the turn of events. He congratulated Sahin-Collins on somehow pulling the victory. He said, “Not the way you expected to win. But you get to play again. Congratulations. Wow, what a game.”

Sahin-Collins will return to defend her title in the next episode of the hit game show.