‘Jeopardy!’: Former ‘NCIS’ Star Pauley Perrette Was a ‘Milestone’ Clue

by Joe Rutland

“Jeopardy!” is one game show that keeps its ear to the current events and TV shows of the day. A former “NCIS” star happened to be in a clue.

Pauley Perrette, who played Abby Sciuto on the long-running CBS crime show, was part of a clue on the game show back in 2018. She shared the clue with her followers at that time. Take a look at what Perrette said at the time about being a part of “Jeopardy!”.

One of her fans on Twitter, Lauren Weblin, wrote at the time, “Awh!!!”

Josh Swyers, another fan, responded, “That’s very cool!”

‘Jeopardy!’ Clue About Former ‘NCIS’ Star Does Refer To Her In Past Tense

Some of you Outsiders might be wondering what Paulette is up to these days. Obviously, she enjoyed being a clue on “Jeopardy!” once again.

Well, in July 2020, she announced that she had retired from acting. She made the following statement on her Twitter account.

“I’M NOT ON FB or IG. THIS twitter account here @PauleyP is my ONLY ONE! I’m HAPPILY RETIRED!” Perrette wrote as part of a rather lengthy tweet.

Reportedly, she co-owns Donna Bell’s Bake Shop in Manhattan. The shop is named after Perrette’s mother.

“Jeopardy!” might find other clues from the show to use in its future. After all, “NCIS” fans can see her in reruns as Perrette played Abby between 2003-18. She also appeared in episodes of “JAG,” “NCIS: New Orleans,” and “NCIS: Los Angeles.” In those three shows, which have a connection to “NCIS,” Perrette appeared as Abby.

Game Show’s Fans Are Still Getting Used To News Over New Hosts

Oh, if you are hoping for a guest shot from her on “NCIS,” then let’s put that to rest. Perrette did not get along with show star Mark Harmon, especially after his dog bit her. She also has alleged that physical assaults occurred to her on the show.

It’s safe to say that “NCIS” will not see Abby again anytime soon. Unless they re-cast the role for someone other than Perrette.

When it comes to “Jeopardy!” these days, fans are still getting used to the news that Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik are going to be the show’s new hosts. Richards will run the show from behind the lectern between Mondays and Fridays. He’s also keeping his executive producer title for “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune,” too. Bialik will host specials or a possible spin-off from the popular game show.

This past season, “Jeopardy!” used a lot of guest hosts to fill in and guide contestants. Richards and Bialik were among those guest hosts. Also, LeVar Burton, Savannah Guthrie, Bill Whitaker, Anderson Cooper, and Dr. Mehmet Oz acted as guest hosts.