‘Jeopardy!’ Gives Behind-the-Scenes Look at Funny Conversation Between Buzzy Cohen Tournament of Champions Contestants

by Thad Mitchell

Former Jeopardy! contestant and champion Buzzy Cohen is off to a fantastic start as he serves as the show’s newest guest host.

Cohen, who won six straight matches of Jeopardy! in 2016, is serving as the guest host for the annual Tournament of Champions. Cohen, now 36-years-old, won the 2017 edition of the tournament of champions and returned in 2019 as a Jeopardy! all-star team captain. He’s appeared on other game shows as well and has won big bucks as a game show contestant, including $250,000 in his Tournament of Champions win.

Known for his robust sense of humor and quirky, yet charming, personality, Buzzy was a favorite of late Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek. The longtime host even gave Buzzy the nickname “Mr. Personality” during his initial Jeopardy! run. Cohen has noted the impact that Trebek has had on his life and desire to be on the show. He paid tribute to Trebek during his first hosting episode on Monday, using Trebek’s famous phrase “Good for You.”

While he is only two episodes into his reign as Jeopardy! host, Cohen is already becoming a fan favorite. he appears to be a natural behind the host’s lectern and his interaction with contestants is top-notch. Jeopardy! producers took to social media Wednesday to serve up an example of the interactions that have made Buzzy a household name.

“Check out what today’s contestants and Buzzy Cohen had to say after the game,” the social media post explains.

Jeopardy! Contestants Talk Memories of First Appearance

In the 27-second clip, Buzzy and the contestants discuss what it feels like to be a Jeopardy! contestant. It is safe to say that while the contestants want to win their episode, their first priority is to avoid embarrassment.

“The first time I was on the show, I was like ‘I just want to make it to finals,'” Buzzy says. “I don’t want to be negative and everything else is gravy.”

Cohen then recalls his first interaction with Trebek while a Jeopardy! contestant on the show in 2016.

“Honestly, the first time I buzzed in, Alex said my name,” he says remembering the story. “I gave the correct response and he was like ‘yes’ and I was like ‘cool, I’m going home guys.’ We did it. Wrap it up.”

Cohen will continue as the Tournament of Champions host through the remainder of this week and into the next week. His and the tournament’s final episode will air next Friday, May 28.