‘Jeopardy’ Gives Fans ‘Daily Dose of Dr. Oz’ in Category ‘Upstream’

by Will Shepard

Jeopardy! is bringing out all of the stops to ensure that fans get the full experience this season. After Alex Trebek’s passing, this season has felt a little strange. So far, the guest hosts have done a marvelous job keeping this feeling normal.

However, to remain at the top of the game show world, Jeopardy! is doing all it can to please fans. So, on Instagram, they recently did a collaboration with Dr. Oz in addition to his guest hosting.

He has been hosting a television talk show for the past twelve years called The Dr. Oz Show. In the show, he discusses all things health. Every day, excluding the weekends, he spends an hour talking about viewers’ health-and-wellness concerns. During the show, he brings in top medical experts to talk about any variety of health issues that arise. There is genuinely nothing that he won’t discuss on the show.

Dr. Oz Helps Out “Jeopardy!” by Providing a Weekly Dose of the Game Show

With that, though, the Jeopardy! clue he provides is fairly unrelated to human wellness. The category is upstream and the clue is as follows: “This migratory fish is part of Dr. Oz’s lunch every day and adds a pop of pink to his plate.”

Dr. Oz’s caption explains how the Instagram competition is going to happen. “It’s time for your Daily Dose of Dr. Oz @jeopardy! Comment below with your answers to this clue, then swipe to see if you got it right.”

The Jeopardy! clue that he presents is unique to himself. For those whose diets sometimes include this fish, it should be fairly obvious. The second slide on his post tells fans the correct answer to the clue. Nonetheless, the comments on his Instagram reveal the answer quickly.

He is confident asserting that the Jeopardy! fans will nail the correct answer, “What is a salmon! But you knew that.”

This is the second week that he has been providing Jeopardy! fans with another outlet to show off their talent. Last week, Dr. Oz asked his fans and the game show fans about his favorite vegetable.