‘Jeopardy!’: Guest Host Aaron Rodgers Calls Contestant ‘Super Nerd’

by Thad Mitchell

National Football League superstar Aaron Rodgers is crushing it as the fifth guest host of the hit quiz show Jeopardy!

The Green Bay Packers quarterback is a natural behind the Jeopardy! host’s podium, once held by the legendary Alex Trebek. With the iconic game show host’s passing late last year, Jeopardy! producers are moving forward with celebrities serving as guest hosts. Reviews for Rodgers have been splendid through his two weeks in the hosting role. His tenure as host expires today (Friday) to the dismay of both Jeopardy! and Green Bay Packer fans.

One reason for the quarterback’s Jeopardy! success is his interaction with the game’s contestants. Rodgers is no stranger to Jeopardy! having won a celebrity edition of the show a few years ago. He also claims to be a huge fan of the show and notes he studied Alex Trebek’s hosting prowess before taking the reins. Perhaps, that explains why is able to so easily relate to the game’s participants.

On Thursday’s Jeopardy! episode, his second to last, Rodgers discovers that the returning champion did not obtain a driver’s license until he was 28. This leads to a hilarious moment in which Rodgers calls the contestant a “super nerd.”

“You would think that somebody who got their driver’s license at 28 might be kind of a super nerd,” Rodgers says, “But we learned last game that you learned jiu-jitsu, is that correct? And you’re also a Tough Mudder runner. So how come 28?”

It might not be the best idea to call a jiu-jitsu practitioner a “super nerd,” but Patrick Hume, the returning Jeopardy! champ laughs it off. After all, having a future NFL Hall of Famer call you a funny name is a great story to tell your friends.

Hume explains that he grew up near the school her attended as a youngster and simply didn’t get around to learning how to drive until later in life.

It’s one of the numerous hilarious moments from Rodgers’s run as Jeopardy! host. He’s made it clear he would like to be under consideration for the full-time hosting gig in the future. Whether that comes to fruition or not is anyone’s guess.

Rodgers will wrap up hosting duties with his last episode later this afternoon. Journalist Anderson Cooper will officially take over as guest host on Monday.