‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Aaron Rodgers Reveals His Techniques and ‘Pregame Rituals’ When Guest Hosting the Game Show

by Madison Miller

Aaron Rodgers is currently the guest host of “Jeopardy!” and his two-week run will begin airing tomorrow (April 5).

Usually, Rodgers can be caught on the football field as the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. However, for two weeks, he’s embracing his love for “Jeopardy!” and trivia in order to host the popular game show.

Aaron Rodgers ‘Jeopardy!’ Rituals

“There’s a lot of nostalgia wrapped up in the show for me. I used to watch it as a kid and when I’d go on my weeks to my grandma and grandpa’s house,” Rodgers said in an exclusive interview with “Jeopardy!”

He also called Alex Trebek one of the “voices of his youth.” He had appeared on the game as a contestant in the past on “Celebrity Jeopardy!” He also described this as a “dream job.”

In many ways, Rodgers used the same mentality that he uses before a football game. These tactics help him handle the nervousness.

“Sometimes even the sharpest mental folks, which I try to be, we have some negative self-talk that comes up from time to time, whether before a game or before a show … something that I try to do before the show is something I’ve been doing for a while now … it’s called box breathing. You have a rhythmic breathing structure that helps to lower your heart rate,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers said that he struggled a bit reading the clues while he was hosting. He would get nervous and start to read too fast. Before the show, he would write encouraging words and reminders on his podium. This includes words like “relax,” “slow down,” and “speak clearly.”

Rodgers calls himself the smartest guy on the Green Bay Packers team jokingly. He urges some of the team’s linemen who are always giving him a hard time to come stand up on the podium sometime. For Rodgers, hosting the game is an important and special honor.

“Alex did it with such grace and humility. I just want to do it with the same kind of approach to let you people know I’m focused, that I care about it, and that I love the game and I wanted to do him justice,” Rodgers said.

Getting Ready for the Show

Rodgers has led a team on the football field every day for 16 years in the NFL. Rodgers most recently led the Packers all the way to the NFC Championship game before losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He is a three-time NFL MVP and has the second-best touchdown-to-interception ratio in NFL history. Meanwhile, he’s been spending his offseason fueling his brain on “Jeopardy!”

“I watched hours and hours and hours of episodes. Luckily Netflix has a few seasons, and I went back to DVR. But I had to watch from a different perspective — from [former host] Alex [Trebek]’s perspective. I couldn’t watch it as a fan anymore. I took pages and pages and pages of notes…wrote down every affirmative that he said to any type of clue…wrote down beat points of the show…wrote down all the different ways he would take it to break. [Also} wrote down the stuff that he said coming out of break,” Rodgers said to ESPN’s Rob Demovsky.

His current future, at least for two weeks, is on “Jeopardy!” Rodgers has been unclear with any questions related to his future with the Packers and professional football. His competitive nature apparent on the field is transferring over as he tries to host to the absolute best of his ability.

Rodgers has also recently announced he is engaged to famous actress and activist Shailene Woodley.