‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Anderson Cooper: Relive the TV Anchor’s Time on ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’

by John Jamison

Besides Ken Jennings, Anderson Cooper may be the most experienced “Jeopardy!” guest host thus far. The journalist has picked up a ton of knowledge over the years, which has served him well as a contestant on “Celebrity Jeopardy!”

Now, as he prepares to take over the host podium, he already has two wins under his belt in four appearances throughout his career. But will his experience as a contestant help him run the game?

“To be a contestant, I was so freaked out. You know, I’ve done it four times. I’ve won twice. I love reading and researching and that’s what I do throughout my day. And that’s what I’ve done for 25 or however many years I’ve been a reporter,” Cooper said. “The stuff I’ve learned as a journalist, it fits very well here just in terms of the wide base of knowledge that you need to be a journalist. It’s the same for “Jeopardy!” To be on a program which is all about knowledge and the search for knowledge, and the joy of learning new things, it’s thrilling.”

The video features clips of Cooper’s performances over the years. He first appeared on the show in 2004, winning a game for which he was hardly prepared. He told Jimmy Kimmel that he agreed to do it without really thinking about it. Cooper freaked out and had to cram a bunch of geography information the night before the game. It apparently worked out, as he won in dominant fashion

Despite Cooper’s strong performances on “Celebrity Jeopardy!” over the years, however, the CNN reporter has some embarrassing stories from the show too.

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Anderson Cooper Lost to Cheech Marin

In his 2010 appearance on the show, he was outdone by an unassuming Cheech Marin. Cooper admits to underestimating the stoner comedy icon, who caught him by surprise and sent him back to CNN with his tail between his legs.

“Do you know what it’s like to walk into the CNN newsroom the day after Cheech Marin has destroyed you? Wolf Blitzer reading the paper like giving you side-eye as you walk by,” he said in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

“I still want a rematch — someday, somehow,” Cooper told Cheech in 2020 while they reflected on Alex Trebek’s life.